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10 Helpful Apps and Websites Every Surviving Student Must Have!

Surprise! It's not Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram!

If you’re smack in the middle of a frazzling term at your school and can’t tell Monday apart from Tuesday, you, my friend, are just in time for an intervention. One that this author will sponsor by walking you through the top ten helpful apps and websites every student should use for self-preservation this year! Anyone who tells you to avoid the distraction that phones cause has obviously never used these apps in their life – it matters not – make your life just a little easier with a collection of technological marvels that helped this author make it through two whole terms at university!

1. Grammarly

For someone (cough-this author-cough) who still gets confused when it comes to spelling the word ‘opportunity’, Grammarly is nothing but a relief. Grammarly is an amazing app for anyone who isn’t entirely comfortable with their written English skills! Not only does Grammarly correct your spelling and grammar mistakes as you write along, it even suggests better style alternatives for every sentence! You can even pre-set style preference for a document just so that Grammarly can monitor if you’re writing according to that required style and tone. With a plagiarism checker, extensions for different browsers and cool, exciting features; this will save you from the hassle of being constantly worried about your assignments! 10/10 recommended by this author.

2. Copyscape Compare

If you’re rewriting from some source and want to compare yours with the original to keep the plagiarism to a minimum then use Copyscape Compare – it lets you know how much your writing matches with the original source and can save you from unintentional plagiarism. It doesn’t matter if the source is a document or a website, Copyscape lets you enjoy its easy-to-use features no matter what!

3. Google Drive

It’s surprising how many people in Pakistan don’t make use of invaluable features like Google Drive! Google Drive helps you back up all your important notes, documents, music, and videos so you can utilize it later even if you lose your laptop or phone. You can access your data from anywhere with just an internet connection and can even share your data with your friends!

4. Google Docs

Tired of accidentally losing documents on Microsoft Word because you didn’t save it soon enough? Well, this author found comfort in Google Docs. Not only can you use it offline, invite your friends to edit your writing, making it perfect for collaborative projects but your documents automatically save while you’re writing. You can find all of your assignments in one place and it’s exactly like Word so you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it!

5.  Office Lens

How many times have you taken a picture of the whiteboard, hoping to preserve the notes that your teacher carelessly scrawled across the board? Well, change that with Office Lens which takes pictures of whiteboards, receipts, blackboards and similar items and not only converts them into images that you can share and edit but also helps you to decipher text and diagrams even if you weren’t able to capture the photo from a good angle. If you don’t like noting your lectures and can’t take a clear picture to save your life, Office Lens will be a legitimate blessing.

6. Duolingo

This genius app is for those of us who struggle to learn foreign languages but also want to look cool, Duolingo will help you learn any language you want without overwhelming or boring you. Not only can you set your own learning pace but you’ll learn to master conversational basics in just a month! If that’s not genius, this author doesn’t know what is.

7.  Cite This For Me

If you don’t understand how citations and bibliographies work, don’t despair! Go to Google and bleed your heart out, looking for Cite This For Me – a website that generates citations and bibliographies for you if you simply copy and paste website URLs or documents and it automatically generates the citation that you can incorporate into your text. Simply select the format which you want for your citation and voila! All done.

8. RefMe

RefMe is a literal godsend! It allows you to scan the barcodes at the back of any reference books you might be using for your assignment and generates an automatic citation and keeps all your citations and bibliographies in one place so you don’t have to flail around to find the important stuff that will save you from red ink on your paper!

9. Desmos

Save yourself some time by using this online graphing calculator for those pesky math questions. Math does not get easier than this, highly recommended!

10. B-OK

B-OK is the largest electronic ebook database out there and will allow you to download your textbooks for free in a wide variety of formats, whether it be PDF, EPUB or MOBI! Whatever you want! Simply visit b-ok.org and you can access textbooks, novels and much much more for free. Not only will this save you money that you can use elsewhere (cough-food-cough) but will show you books for the subjects you want without any hassle at all!

Don’t waste time with pricey apps, useless websites and use these excellent resources to help you make the best of your school life!

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