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10 Ridiculous Period Myths From Around The World

Yes, it's that time of the month!

Plagued by unsolicited advice from literally everyone who hears about your period? People will tell you to abstain from certain kinds of food, avoid cold water and will even tell you to not take a bath because it will somehow affect menstrual flow – but is there any shred of scientific evidence to all of these rather, over-the-top myths? Were all these supposed hacks by old ladies ever useful to any member of the female species?

We present to you, in this ten absurd period myths from around the globe that will make you seriously question the intellect of everyone involved in handing these down to future generations.

1. You shouldn’t go camping during your period; the bears can smell the blood from afar.

No, we’re not joking. This is an actual myth about menstrual blood and this author can only imagine the horror it wrought upon many a woman.

2. Tampons might damage your hymen or may break it completely.

Ouch. Yeah, no. That won’t be happening any time soon since no studies have reported any incidences where women broke their hymen while using a tampon.

3. Don’t wash your hair during your period. Also, don’t get a haircut while you’re at it.

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that washing or cutting your hair has no effect on your menstrual flow. Go be hygienic and take a shower, please.

4. If you touch flowers, they’ll die soon.

Errrr, okay please don’t go around touching flowers if it means they get to live longer. Who knows when your blood might crawl all the way up to your hand and somehow damage the flower forever.

5. Ghosts will come to haunt you if you don’t wash your pads before throwing them out.

Boo. Hoo. No.

6. Everything you try to cook will turn out horribly. The dough won’t rise. You can’t make sushi either.

These Italian and Japanese myths might have helped a woman or two skip their kitchen duty, but jokes aside, none of this is true.

7. If you hold a baby, they’ll get really sick.

So not only can we potentially kill flowers but if we cradle babies during our period, we’ll somehow impair their health too. My mind has been blown.

8. Cleanse your face with period blood the first time around to make your skin clearer.

While period blood isn’t really impure, it should be noted that period blood is not going to be effective when it comes to skin care. Plus you’re too preoccupied with horror the first time you get your period. All in all, don’t try it, people.

9. Walking barefoot will give you painful cramps.

If you haven’t ceased being surprised at this point in the list then you definitely have a high tolerance for some shady myths as compared to this author.

10. If you have sex while you’re on your period then your partner will die.

Is this a myth or a life hack, this author can’t decide. Now we can safely add men to the list of living things we can potentially kill if they somehow magically come into contact with our menstrual blood. Don’t be fooled guys, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this statement. Or life hack. You decide.

If you weren’t grossed out or questioning the intellectual capacity of people who spread these myths then this author commends you on your willpower.

Share these absolutely absurd myths with your friends and help us spread accurate information about menstrual hygiene to the masses – this is the truly important stuff.

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