10 Stinky Things To Think About Before Joining Pakistan’s Music Industry

Absolutely anything can be thrown at you in our creative industry, our locals are crazy that way. This includes sharp objects like heels, empty glass bottles, patriarchal propositions, sour comments, and horrific Tweets from trolls.

Crazy lawmakers, policy thinkers, and influencers also mess up the odds of anyone picking the creative music industry as their field of choice. Throwback to Nazia and Zoheib and the fatwa a few generations back, Shezad Roy and banning his music here in Pakistan, and well, national television bashing a victim of harassment Meesha Shafi, simply because it has no sense of respect for basic human rights and decency. But, well, if you are willing to let it all slide, and let your passion ride the music wave in all its glory, then let’s hop right in and see what you must consider before jumping all in.

  1. The industry is too structured, existing artists monopolize and if someone is taking you under their wing, you have to be cautious. 
  2. The copyright situation in Pakistan is shit, there are hardly any production houses and record labels willing to hire new talent, so how do you feel about self-publishing?
  3. Our local industry has no sense of selling online, understanding how important Spotify, Soundcloud, and Social Media Marketing is, #whereisallthenewbloodat?
  4. What does your social media feed look like?
  5. What are your marketing pitches like? What can you do for the ad world? Does it match the social game of Ali Gul Pir, or not, a throwback to the Anda Shami and Mcdonald’s showdown.
  6. What are your views on everything? If you want people to enjoy your art, you gotta get approved first, social media is a proofing bridge you must cross before you have good odds at the music scene, so speak up and make sure you find like-minded people.
  7. Do you have an audience in the country, of course, you do, there are all kinds of people here, but, can you find them, tap them and make them go crazy?

If yes, then my friend you are ready and the stink did not get to you, you will be alright! So, cheers and suit up, because the ride can be legendary!

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