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10 Times Hasan Minhaj Proved He Was The Funniest And Most Woke Brown Dude Ever!

For those of you unfortunate souls that still do not know who Hasan Minhaj is. Educate yourself. Please!

For everyone else, especially us “woke” brown millennials, Minhaj is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to brown people everywhere! Minhaj is an American/Indian Muslim comedian, political commentator, writer, producer and beloved television host who is known for his satirical and hilarious take on serious social and political issues. 

From being a senior correspondent on Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ to hosting his own Netflix special, Minhaj has a lot to say and we love that! Representation definitely matters and i think i speak for brown people everywhere when i say we don’t mind being represented as Mr. Minhaj at all!

To honour his unique take on everyday yet relatable issues, we’ve compiled the 10 times he did what he does best!

1. When he shut down all racists, sexists and xenophobes with this logical stance;

Source; Pinterest

2. When he trolled Lindsay Lohan while casually joking about misconceptions surrounding his religion;

3. When he talked of the weird/awkward relationships brown kids have with their parents;

Source; Reddit

4. When his episode of the Patriot Act got pulled by Netflix for criticizing Saudi Arabia;

Source; The Independent

You know you’re doing something right when an oppressive regime is threatened by your nuanced and insightful breakdown and debate.

5. When he made us all smirk at the stereotype that all brown/black/Asian people are the same;

Gotta love a man who can joke about himself!

6. When he stole the show with how desi parents expect us to learn how to relationship without any prior experience;

Source; dubeat

I mean, relatable? Yes please!

7. When he was fine with the internet trolling him for once;

8. When he destroyed the age old “logg kya kahenge” analogy with one swift joke!

Source; Pinterest

9. Whenever he turns criticism into comedy gold;

10. Literally every time he made fun of Donald Trump;

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