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3 Crime Shows You Have To See Before You Can Hate Them Entirely

Crime shows are cool, they are mindboggling, fun past time and creatively done. What harm could watching them bring right? CSI created the notion of Netflix-and-chill, way before Netflix was born.

However, there is a flipside to all of the really addictive and sink-us-in crime docudramas. Have you ever binge-watched CSI or my 7-yr-old cousin’s guilty pleasure CID, IF YOU HAVE THEN CHANCES YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN HERE.

Do Crime Shows Really Normalize Violence and Toxic Relationships?

They glorify of criminal instincts & violence in a way that makes people with violent tendencies or sociopathic behavior want to be talked about or remembered as a mystery. They are nauseatingly graphics, have you seen Dexter? They normalize violence by bringing it to your laptop or TV screen (or phone, if you have ever had to travel far in a bus) And they Desensitize us towards Crimes of Passion.

For the sake of case studies, here are 3 that I really enjoyed and will be used as examples, also, try to watch all three, they are crazy.

BBC Three: Murdered By My Boyfriend


It is a tragic criminal drama. That follows that story of domestic abuse of a young teenage girl whose life is toppled by poor life decisions. This is your everyday girl-in-a-toxic-relationship story. In minutes here life goes from normal to tormented.

It pays homage to all the toxic relationships and silenced women that are filled in every society everywhere because somehow girls learn to give everything up in the name of love, without realizing that the only love they can get it the one they give themselves.

The best part? The story sinks you in and the girl Ashley is a Human being, she is a very relatable girl, despite it being a British docudrama there is cross-cultural relatability (in terms of art direction, costume, aspirations, and emotions). She hurts, bleeds, suffers pain as anyone here would. She wants more from life than being a work at home mom, but she gives up everything for love, them idealists! Then she falls out of love when broken so many times.

Similarly the boy Reece is a Human being. He has an abused childhood, he needs medical mental help and anything he does is not really his fault, well, even if it is, you can’t blame him for his mental illness – Story of our times.

Pakistan Television’s Andhera Ujala:


With a touch of comic moments mainly centered upon the character of a police officer “havaldar Karam Dad”. The leading cast of the series included Irfan Khoosat (father of our hot favorite and talented Sarmad Khoosat), Jamil Fakhri, Qavi Khan and Abid Butt (sub-inspector Mehmood). The main theme of this TV series was to show a police team fighting crime in their locality in humorous situations.

This show is celebrated among yester-generations. It is pixelated, old and smells like slow reeking gunfire from a gun you forgot you had in your attic from 30 years ago. But, what can we say, a classic is a classic.

Although many say that something as sensitive as kidnapping, murder, and crime cannot be and should not be joked about, the show does that, it dilutes the essence of the crime and normalizes it yes, but on the contrary it tells you that as a victim the pain is your pain and you gotta do what you gotta do to relief that.

Sony ET India’s Crime Patrol: Abhighat


Children are so ignored and neglected. Our twisted broken societies in every class level, in every town, city and district seep all the toxins deeper down into our family structures and relationships. The toxicity of the nuances of our contemporary so-called urban lives divided in having nothing and wanting everything is that we have forgotten how to love and how to be human.

This episode sums it all up beautifully as it weaves together a story of a girl who is close to being an orphan despite having both parents. That is what child neglect means only without closure and with killing hopes and dreams.

While your story may not be as extreme, you have felt a streak of neglect in your childhood, perhaps you didn’t notice since not everybody is not as sensitive as others, but just because you haven’t seen it or sensed it doesn’t mean that it does not occur everywhere.

It does. And the story weaves events in a fashion where you feel what the child feels until you realize oh crap, she will die. And that is exactly the kind of shock we as a nation need as well as our neighbors across the border do. Stories know no boundaries, no borders. And the takeaway is of immense value that no moral high priest can give you at any price but shows like these.

Verdict: News desensitizes us, Docudramas sensitize us. Give them a look to find out exactly this.

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