3 Self Help Lesson To Revise Everyday To Make the Best Out Of Your Surroundings

Evaluate critically what needs your attention



Know what you can ignore. Know what you can not. There are certain things in life that you can’t just let go no matter how strongly you’ve wanted every faint memory to be forgotten but sadly still lingers on in your brain. And then there are certain things you have to let go no matter how strongly you’ve wanted to think about them. No matter how permanently you want it in your life. No matter how close to the heart the feeling is. It takes a remarkable ounce of courage to figure out the thin line between what to forget and what not to, because circumstance won’t make them all black and white for you. That one ounce will create all the difference. Always tell yourself one thing to pass this phase: genius is knowing what needs really needs your attention. And attention is probably the most valuable intangible commodity you will ever own

Keep away from toxic, insecure company



Corrupted souls will always be insecure about other people they want to feed on because it is not in their power to see anything beyond a projection of negativity that they breed in themselves. There is little evidence in history that is pro-insecurity, doubt and shallowness. Damaged specimens of the human race will exist no matter what century the world’s in, they will feed on the mental well being of others because they themselves are and will be insecure about their own capabilities and that is nothing but a proof of their poor sense of self worth.

Compromising and lowering standards is not the same thing


Always know the difference between the two. There are certain principles, perspectives and motives that define your sense of self and your purpose in life. These very standards drive you everyday from school to home or from home to work to make the best out of the efforts you’ve made every twenty-four hours, allowing you to live these standards a little more every passing day.


But right when it seems close enough it become tough to completely achieve what you wish to thanks to the unsolicited circumstances and people that surround you. When you have little control over these aspects making decisions for you, compromise over a certain common ground so that you move back to your pace just as before. A deadlock during an argument increases the risk of these factors destroying your moral or handwork invested in your narrative. However, never let these pressure make you lower your standards and redefine what you want from life.

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