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4 Of The Best Netflix Originals To Binge Watch This Summer

If you just got your Netflix subscription, you’ll either feel so overwhelmed that you won’t know where to start or you’ll feel like nothing on there is worth watching because it’s all so unfamiliar and new. Well, this is your official guide on what to start watching on Netflix, if you haven’t got a clue on how to navigate through the countless seasons, never ending movies and exciting documentaries.

If you’re on Netflix, we’ll assume it isn’t for the countless other movies and shows you can find almost everywhere else and we suggest you start with the best of the best Netflix originals. There has been recent criticism that the quality of Netflix originals seems to be dwindling down since the streaming site is funding just about anything these days. But that’s just why we love it!

You’re going to get a little taste of everything while you’re on Netflix, stories that you didn’t imagine you’d ever be exposed to. And that’s a good thing. For now, lets just list out the five best originals by Netflix and have received raving reviews the world over.

Black Mirror

Although this one wasn’t originally produced by Netflix, the streaming giant did buy it off of channel 4’s hands back in 2015 and boy, are we glad they did! There are few television series today that keep a viewer absolutely hooked, engaged and simultaneously mortified than Black Mirror. A bone chilling dystopian thriller series that takes a jab at modern life as technology and Artificial Intelligence take over the lives and even afterlives of human beings. Each episode is a standalone and deals with different themes which include but are definitely not limited to mind control, morality, doomsday (the Terminator variety) and technology induced isolation.

The most recent interactive episode for season four titled Bandersnatch was thrilling down to the last pathway you chose for the unsuspecting characters and season 5’s trailer just has us excited for more!


Stranger Things

There is something different about this Netflix show about a group of now iconic kids fighting demigorgons and evil adults. Maybe it’s the wonderful attention to detail the Duffer Brothers have put into the series set in the mid 1980s or it’s the entirely love-able characters that have since then become popular pop culture media artifacts, especially 11’s nose bleed and Dustin’s hilarious catchphrases. American science fiction and horror mixed into one epic and dangerous adventure that teaches us about love, loss and life.

And what’s even more exciting is that Season three is almost here so you better binge till June!



For those of us who love all things crime and mafia, Narcos chronicles the life of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar who made his empire selling cocaine and being bad ass in general. A series that is set and has been filmed in Colombia, this show reveals the raw and exciting tales of the Colombian drug mafia of the late 80’s as they battle it out not only with law enforcement but also find betrayal among their own ranks.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

If you grew up watching the family friendly and comic TV series, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and loved following her and Salem’s fun adventures as they learnt the basics of magic with the help of her lovely aunties, well, you’re in for a bit of a shock when it comes to this series. Because there’s nothing that’ll remind you of your childhood in this dark Netflix adaptation with intense occult imagery and even darker themes, this coming of age story will challenge Sabrina Spellman to be the witch she was always destined to be.

You better grow up, because Sabrina definitely has.


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