4 Problems With Shahid Afridi’s Book: Game Changer, That Launched This Week

Afridi’s book came out this Thursday. And turns out it is a big PR fiasco for Pakistan Cricket Board, the cricket federation and his teammates. We already have a failed biopic on the cricketer Shahid Afridi, who achieved overnight fame with a 37-ball century in his first-ever international innings and is one of the most popular crickets in Pakistan’s history. The thump of his name with the beats of boom boom echoed many stadiums, became the captain in no time, the team saw many setbacks during his time but he remained to steadfast.

The movie failed, but now his book launched, taking down many. The PR mess is yet to be cleaned up by the responsible personnel of PCB, whose resources must go into crises management more than it’s very own active players considering their scandals.

But, with all the happenings in the lives of our celebrated, sometimes with shoes and sometimes will social media love (NOT) cricketers, they all should get used to the PR damage, especially PCB. Here are 4 themes that we were able to pick apart as of now: do let us know if you can point out more!

1. Javed Miandad has refuted Shahid Afridi’s claims that he did not let the all-rounder practice his batting ahead of a clash against India when he was coaching the Pakistan national side.

Afridi has made several sour and pungent claims in his Game Changer. One of them has labeled Miandad a small man who didn’t let him practice before the side’s historic clash against India. Javed Miandad told the media in the press conference:

It makes no sense that I wouldn’t let him bat before a game. How is that even possible?” said Miandad, who was a pivotal part of Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup winning squad. “When you’re writing a book then you sensationalize things and this is just an example of that. It doesn’t matter to me if he is writing such things. I have been lucky enough to get so much love and respect.

2. Miandad isn’t the only big gun that Afridi has targeted though. He has also labeled Waqar Younis a poor coach. Ouch!

3. Then he says Shoaib Malik was unfit to be made skipper when he was 25 since he didn’t listen to good advice.

4. Then the blunder that took Afridi himself down, was the age drama. The book says that he was 19 when he made the debut. Which PCB registered him as 16, and he also accepted an award for the youngest cricket batsmen in international cricket at that time. But, in reality also once you hear a few of his interviews it turns out that his age was 21.

So he shit his own bed?

He was also sued for Master Beverages for violating their agreement and contract because of the book, are they riding his tide, or were they correcting his behavior?

Would you read it though? And do you feel that all publicity is good publicity? Let us know in the comments section below! Cheers.

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