4 Things That Wouldn’t Have Existed If We Didn’t Have Internet

We have mixed feelings about everything. We love to leave the old behind and let the new sink in, so here’s a world without the internet. Just a thought to get your brain tickling into what could have been.

1. Better Understanding of Personhood and Self Autonomy

Due to a rapid spread of social media and the advancement of globalization through the internet technology ideas spread from one land to another really fast. So, ideas from open societies with say westernized cultures spread to more closed societies with eastern, oriental and middle eastern backgrounds. And they quickly become norms. The Internet has fueled for example the social movement of body positivity, which led to an intrusion of privacy, it justifies interfering with celebrities, individuals and people who are not body positive, to force change.

2. The threat to intimate relationships

The internet has also created the possibility of revenge porn, this means that private photos can now be compromised, although cyber crimes are coming up, and really improving everywhere in the world, however, the damage once done is usually irreparable. Similarly, calling people names can cause real problems and some may argue that this is intrusive or interferes with the right to free speech. Mocking and bullying in traditional societies with traditional mediums has now moved to digital forms and that may mean that the power relationships have changed through taking away the freedom of privacy in some cases.

3. Self-identity and personal growth.

Tolerance of people is reducing but the need to seek validation from others has increased in the post-Facebook world, we not only want people to see us in the way we want to depict ourselves, but we also want to appear however we like. As the focus on body positivity, racial indiscrimination and sexual liberation increase our needs to be unique and different also change dramatically. This compromises what one would deem as our right to privacy.

We quickly shut people for fat-shaming, being colorists, and for saying absurdly violent or intolerable things about communities such as entire races, nations or cults. This has given in a sense more privacy to an individual in terms of letting us take our own decisions. For example, if people do not argue over their far relative’s divorce decision this means that people in their homes and families or in their circles are answerable and privy to questions of people much lesser as the human society becomes less close-knit and more open to the global rights and liberties. (Panopticism)

People in slightly urban, Pakistani society, for example, can marry their kids outside of their class, caste, color or creed, it is their decision more than the social bodies around them, lives have become more and more private.

This has allowed some luxury of freedom to people, however, the picture in villages and smaller towns are still very split between traditional systems and modern times of the global world that spread through globalization and pop culture.

4. Norms and Taboos Going Away

It is easier to talk about sex in countries where it was a sin or a taboo to do so, it is easier to talk and stand for the LGBTQ, in places where the term Gay was used to insult people, in a very derogatory way. In the light of the changes in what is acceptable and what is doable, or allowed, people have forgone their shyness, changing the way a lot of people feel about sexuality which was otherwise a very personal and private business that must confine their own bodies in the wall of their homes, not outside, not on the internet and definitely not on the newspapers or television interviews.

While there is a lot more left out on purpose, you may want to disagree or subtract, do share your opinion, because it matters into making this great! Cheers, and Eid Mubarak! Be thankful for everything this eid!

4 Things That Wouldn’t Have Existed If We Didn’t Have Internet

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