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5 Lethal Things That Victoria Secrets Angels Pull Off

After following Romee Strijd, Sanne Vloet, Devon Windsor and the Victoria Secrets Youtube Channel for a year here are all the things that I figured.

That the victoria secrets angels are on a death wish, not just a – workout hard and eat soft – death wish or a – capitalism and patriarchy killing me softly while I let them – death wish, but a real sending hate on your own self for fame, popularity and career death wish.

How do they do it? That too for so many years, consistently day in day out? Well, they completely rewire their brains, and they redo their system. While I leave the moral judgment of whether it is fair to yourself or not, to you, I have figured that eating gluttonously as I do and eating like a deprived salved self is neither too great nor any better than the other.

But is the Victoria Secrets diet healthy at all? Well, stop and requestion, eating all the supersized meals and grabbing a dozen donuts for your own tummy is not exactly healthy either. The health really lies in the balance, but I can’t really say something to them because I sin differently. Women with 12-22% body fat fall in the range of athletes

However, on the critical review, here are the top 5 lethal things they do to themselves, especially during and the day before the Victoria Secrets Show.

1.  The sad one:

They are supposed to eat 3 square meals. No snacks in between, while some split their breakfast into two parts, some have multiple smoothies and pre-workout elixirs, the general rule remains, 3 square meals, balanced and unprocessed.

2. The unbelievable one:

No food before the day of the show, no fast food or regular unhealthy food for many months in advance. The models keep low before the show, many days in advance the preparation begins, while they stop exercising and heavy workouts 3 days prior to the show, they do not eat any solids a day before it either. Now that is a tough 24 hours, imagine their hanger.

3. Working tirelessly, with protein powders and apple cider vinegar, NO ENERGY DRINKS!

The VS Angels have body fat that compares to Olympic runners and athletes, however, instead of steroids, energy supplements, high protein diets, and big meals, they run mostly on hot lemon water and apple cider vinegar in water. Contrary to what it seems like, it is particularly easy to survive on a low energy diet with these marcel drinks, if your throat and stomach can adjust that is.

4. Impressive: Not complaining about energy dips

It is crazy to work without sugar rushes, without casual coffee breaks, without energy drinks and caffeinated drinks, no snacks, no cheat meals, no take out on your way home after a long and hard day, no mood food to release some endorphins, no life lengthening dessert, no cinnabons and bubble teas. But its harder when you make sure you are never seen complaining about it, this is the kind of strong person I wanna be, resist the urge to toxify my body. In my case, not to look a certain way, but to feel healthy and be healthy.

5. Saying No:

Resisting Fast foods, late night snacks Shoot for fast food ads without having it, spitting it out, rejecting it, portion control means having only a tsp of dessert, dried peas, poached eggs, sometimes only lick the sauce off of her boyfriends plate, or even take a picture an post it only to toss the food out, avoiding dairy, no processed food, are some tough things, even for models. Romee Strijd carries her own food to her shoots, because there may be no healthy options that she would like.

They continuously showcase many new restaurants, eateries, food places on their blogs as well as a part of their commercial life, the endorsements sometimes require them to even have the food, but they manage well. Gigi Hadid is seen in many fast food ads, but she stays in here mojo nonetheless.

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