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5 South Asian Shows On Netflix That Are A Must Watch!

Subscription based online streaming sites have completely revolutionized the way we interact with media artifacts in the 21st century. Netflix has become this absolute necessity in today’s day and age and has become an iconic pop culture symbol.

From seeping into our dating culture to deciding hoe we now view content, Netflix has taken over our digital airwaves and the demand for original, new and exciting content is increasing everyday. That is why we were extremely excited when we started seeing more and more brown people on Netflix, living their true authentic South Asian experience.

Although there are several Pakistani movies and countless Pakistani drama serials currently on Netflix, India’s collaborations with the global streaming platform are a true gift to all of us desi folks regardless of what side of the border we’re on.

With phenomenal performances, outstanding story lines and gripping suspense and drama, these shows are setting a precedent for other to follow. Without further ado, here are our top 5 picks of the best shows starring South Asian faces. 

Hasan Minhaj has got to be our top pick for this list because he has two entries because of his outstanding take on both political and socio-cultural issues of what it means to be Indian or more importantly a brown individual.

The Patriot Act

His first show very aptly titled, The Patriot Act was sure to turn a few head and even led to one episode being taken off Netflix for being too controversial! With each episode, the Peabody Award winning comic breaks down large concepts and issues relevant in today’s world and tries to use his interactive story telling method to explain them as well. From the U.S education system to the dynamics of Indian elections, The Patriot Act is a truly diverse and engaging show.

Homecoming King

Another one for Minhaj, this one is the comedian’s first stand-up comedy special but is slightly more on the personal and anecdotal side as he shares his harrowing ordeals related to racism, discrimination and the hilarious trial of having immigrant parents. The best part of this critically acclaimed show is how darn relatable this is for us brown folks.

Delhi Crime

This harrowing crime drama is based of off the Indian rape case that shook the entire nation and follows the aftermath of this unfortunate story as the police investigate and eventually bring the perpetrators to justice. A shocking, gut wrenching and strong tale which brought about a wide array of mixed reviews from audiences but has been hailed as one of the best shows on Netflix in a while.

The Mindy Project

This ones for all the diasporic audiences who finally get to see a strong, funny, successful and intelligent brown woman make it up the ladder for once. Chronicling the life of quirky and confident Mindy Kaling as a professional woman, The Mindy Kaling Project is the romantic comedy we’ve all been waiting for. Kaling is rash, unapologetic and inherently flawed but that’s what makes her character so loveable and relatable.

Love Per Square Foot

While us brown people literally live and breathe off of love stories and overdone tales of romance and desire, this Netflix original is definitely something unique. It follows the trials of a young couple who are forced to marry so they can afford housing, a privilege they are otherwise not privy to as just a co-habiting couple. This different take on modern day relationships and how they fall into our part of the world are definitely the new stories that we need to view and is surprisingly refreshing and enjoying to view.


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