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7 Common Misconceptions Bisexual People Are Tired Of Hearing

It’s the 21st century and officially 2019. Therefore,  let’s all hold hands, draw deep breaths and as one just accept the fact that human sexuality is a beautiful and vast spectrum of everything from heterosexuals to homosexuals and to everything in between. We know that gender and a person’s sex are terms that are sometimes wrongfully used interchangeably even though they are absolutely different terms since gender is perceived as either a social construct or an ever changing internal source of conflict.

Source; Mercedes Samudio

For example, a person who is born as a male in a patriarchal context would be associated with gender roles and norms more acceptable to the male child such as the colour blue or being strong and brought up with a more hands on approach to life. Alternatively, gender can have a lot to do with an individual’s perceived gender identity.

On the other hand an individual’s sex has more to do with medical identification of the genitalia that a person is born with. However as per many feminist perspectives, these two terms might not necessarily align with each other and that is why human sexuality is not only extremely misunderstood but diverse.

Source; Feminist Current

People who identify as Bisexual in simple terms do not put a limit to the kinds of sexual and or romantic relationships they wish to have and are therefore interested in both men and women. However, people have a hard time understanding what it actually means to be bi because to them you can either love men or women and there are unfortunately a lot of misconceptions that exist surrounding bisexuality to this day!

Source; astar.tv

We’re about to bust some of the most common ones here today!

Bisexual people are just experimenting

This is one of the main stereotypes associated with being bi. Bi individuals are most likely to hear the phrase “it’s just a phase” than most other sexual orientations. This needs to stop. No, bisexual people are NOT experimenting and no it’s not something they’ll eventually get over. Educate yourself!

Bi people do NOT use it as an excuse to cheat

This one is really frustrating to hear since being bi automatically seems to mean that they’re just doing it so they can get away with being attracted to more than one person at the same time? That’s polygamy not bisexuality people!

Which brings us to the fact that bisexuality is NOT polygamy!

No, honey just because bi individuals are attracted to men and women does not equate to them having both a girlfriend and a boyfriend at the same time. That. Not. How. It. Works.

They’re also not more likely to cheat

You like both men and women? So how would being with just one ever be enough? Seriously though, this needs to stop. Bisexual people are in case anyone forgot, people! and they do not just get bored with one relationship at a time.

No, they are not closeted homosexuals

Bi people are not waiting for the right time to magically come out of the closet as either gay or lesbian, because they’re neither. They BI.

Bi women don’t “act” that way to seem more attractive to straight men

Don’t even get me started on this one!

They must have an insane sex drive!

No, contrary to popular belief, bisexual individuals do not have a desire to procreate with anything and everything that moves just as much as the next straight person. Stop labeling them as sex hungry fiends.


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