7 Romantic Movies For The Pakistani Woke Woman

Do you wake up every day and think that hey, I really need to squeeze in a movie in my busy life? I know I did. And I never had the time to. But, turns out, that when I did I could not figure out which movies to see. I have seen all the ones from my Oscars list. I have seen all of those from my last years Oscars list. I have caught up on all the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I just did not know what next.

So I challenged myself. I thought I can maybe look for the best RomComs and Dramas to find the ones that wake perhaps. And I did, and it turned out, it wasn’t a bad journey. I looked at more than 40 trailers, first 20 minutes, etc to get here. Read a whole bunch of articles and then I narrowed it down to these 7 that you must see this Summer.

The American President: CLASSIC.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: SASSY.

Going The Distance: SWEET.

Cake: GO LOCAL!!

Silver Linings Playbook: BEAUTY

Nappily Ever After: (Netflix Original)

Murdered By My Boyfriend: (Short Story)

Watch em and tell us which one did you like best, or which one does not belong to the list. We would love to hear it from ya!

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