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7 Things I Learned From Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act on Netflix

Slick production design, joke-heavy, and preach-free political and cultural commentary of our world through a vision that is not far from our ethnicity and society shaped by equal parts of religious influence, social stigmas, and global media. This is the kind of insight we need to what is going on in the world. Read more to see what is the rave all about!

Satire and contemporary docu-drama. My Docudrama professor was talking about David Letterman and other late show hosts, and I realized, well, Letterman is super old, and so is my professor, and that just goes on to demand a new selection of idols and role models for our time, at least for me, its easier to understand things and aspire to achieve goals that have a face on them.

via vulture
via vulture

If you haven’t seen any of these episodes then shake that giant rock off of you, you deserve better, take a look at one or more of these purely indulgent and completely brain tantalizing episodes to see what being woke for a Young Muslim-Indian Male is all about. Well, we could always use a female perspective on all of it too, but, the show is NOT biased in terms of its analysis to appeal to a certain gender more than the other, and I haven’t noticed anything that I felt was mansplained or offensive.

You can judge me however much you like. But here are my 3 favorites, ranked in terms of what I learned from them about the mechanics of the world, essentially my world that revolves around brands, journalism, and higher studies.

    1. Supreme 

2. Saudi Arabia

3. Student Loans

However, here’s what I have learned, and here’s what you can get out of it:

  1. Pulling out just half an hour on a Sunday to watch a satire packed monologue cannot hurt.
  2. Any business that is essentially based on hype, is selling you nothing but the validation that has no intrinsic value.
  3. Under capital-based systems, countries and corporations can scam people to believe that they have national and human interest at their heart, through ads, corporate-social-responsibility, and responsible product marketing, but they never stop their operations to do the right thing because the bottom line is profit and power and people can fo to hell.
  4. The sibling that was so irritating when growing up, chances are they will be the ones who stand with you in times of desi-parent-breakdowns.
  5. The world has come very far from television talk shows and life’s too short to watch unrelatable, unuseful, unimpressive foreign content.
  6. A good presentation means a lot of conscious and assertive movement on stage, and perhaps, a comfortable outfit, true story. And thanks Bruh!

And most importantly, must keep your desi-parent cards safe, and use them very very wisely!

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