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8 Netflix Documentaries That You Should Watch Right Now!

Almost everyone is into movies but not a lot of people enjoy watching documentaries. And because of the less amount of audience, not a lot of documentaries are made. It can be difficult finding good ones. So if you are part of that small community that enjoys watching documentaries then this list is for you. Also, it’s a plus one if you have access to Netflix!

Evil Genius

After watching the show Money Heist, I landed here. Brian Wells, a pizza delivery driver in Pennsylvania robbed a bank with a bomb strapped around his neck in 2003. According to him, he was being forced into this and if he failed to finish the task then the real criminals would detonate the bomb. This real crime series unravels the truth of whether Wells was indeed a victim or a co-conspirator of the crime.

The Fear of 13th

Ever felt the pain and helplessness you have when you are wrongly accused of something? This story captures just that quite beautifully.

Nick Yarris was a convicted murder in 1982. He was sentenced to death. While being on death row for 22 years a discovery was made in 2003. The DNA evidence proved that Nick Yarris was not guilty. The documentary unfolds his side of the story as Nick looks directly into the camera and shares what it’s like to be on death row for a crime you didn’t even commit.

Sour Grapes

One of the funniest and fascinating frauds. Something so simple that almost everyone has thought of it at some point. Rudy Kurniawan, the genius behind this simplistic plan fooled unsuspecting connoisseurs by selling them $35 million worth of fake wine in 2006. He refilled the empty bottles with cheap wine and then forged the labels.

Chasing Coral

The environment around is depleting fast and coral reefs seem to be on the victims of it. The documentary closely follows a team of divers and scientists as they try to uncover what’s happening underneath the surface and the steps we can take to save it and what will happen if we do nothing about it.

Glow: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling 

If you want to know where the Emmy award-winning show Glow took its inspiration from then you have come to the right place. This documentary chronicles the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or G.L.O.W, was the first women’s professional. It was aired for four seasons in the 1980s. The documentary captures the off-screen suffering and the real and brutal footage from the show’s prime.

Amanda Knox

Another murder trial. Amanda Knox was an exchange student in Italy in 2007. She was living with her roommate Meredith Kercher when she was murdered. Amanda was imprisoned for four years and then later acquited. The documentary involves various interviews with key people who were involved in the investigation and trials.


I don’t think I need to convince you more if I tell you this gripping tale won an Oscar for Best Documentary in last year. Even then, the story set to reveal the truth about dopig in sports which later turned into something else after they discovered a major Olympic cheating scandal, alleging that Russia “conspired to cheat in the Olympic for decades.”

Street Food

Out from the fancy restaurants and into the streets where food and flavors originate from. The creator’s of Chef’s Table started this documentary series with the purpose of showcasing the most authentic food throughout Asia. By the end of it you will be wanting to travel the world and explore all the food.

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