8 Reasons Why You Need To Follow The Govt Of Pakistan’s Official Twitter Account

8th is the best one, promise.

Criticism is great. Especially in our opinionated fast-paced elitist urban lives. But, when was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Let us give you a chance to. Cherish the small things, from the big guys. We bring you, 8 surprising reasons why we fell for the government of Pakistan’s official Twitter Account.

1. Instant Response To Global News

2. The Right Amount Of Nostalgia

3. Know All The Good That Is Happening In The Political Realms

4. Get Your Facts Straight

5. Know What To Brag About

6. Know Your Heroes

7. See The Unseen Highlights of Official Events

8. Participate and Voice Your Opinions

Sold or not sold? Well, knowing more is never bad, help yourself now. And Gulab Jamun for sure duh!

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