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9 Reasons To Watch The Legend Of Maula Jutt This Eid

Pakistan has that young and developing cinema phase going on, it is in its puberty after rebirth. It hates itself, has problematic and confusing opinions, it is troubled and needs direction, but everything is so vague right now, just like a child in its puberty.

Undoubtedly this baby of ours is learning at a fast pace, it is trying to up its game, working on things as naturally as possible, hoping just somehow, somehow this time passes and it passes real quick.

9 Reasons To Watch The Legend Of Maula Jutt This Eid

So, here is why we need to address the need to watch the big elephant in the room – Bilal Lashari’s The Legend Of Maula Jatt.

1. Only a handful of movies that are watchable otherwise

Not many movies are playing or will be playing, it is going to be a slow movie theatre month, so best you save your time and energy for something that is big?

Via MAULA jatt

2. It will be so hot this Eid

Cinemas have regulated temperature systems and the noise levels, brightness and lights are all controlled, it is a truly dedicated and well-designed experience, to bring out the best focus in you for you to enjoy the movie. And what is a better time than Eid? No other!

3. You pay a lot of school/college fee

A lot of cinemas, (especially the new ones), give exciting deals to students. Universal, Sozo, and Cinepax (Not sure about the last one though) give student discounts on shows before 5 pm, upon showing the student ID and so forth. Look for a good deal, some cinemas give a 50% off on popcorn and nachos as well, I mean, save while you still can!

4. We are loving the whole Epic look of the set, Thank you, Bilal, a lot.

9 Reasons To Watch The Legend Of Maula Jutt This Eid

5. The on-point Art Direction, Music and Wardrobe

6. Since there might be no SLB for a little while now

Our relationship with India is a little well, cold and dead, so let’s look for some grandiose movies around us since Sanjay Leela Bhansali seems a little lazy and a little far, let’s rely on our on cinemas for a cinematic movie experience.

7. Everybody will be talking about it

They hate it or love it, they will be talking about it. While many people hate it despite, not having to see it or even thinking of doing so, but some really will watch just to talk about it. And why not if that’s your thing.

8. It will be a part of our pop culture heritage for a while then

The last Maula Jatt brought on a whole period and culture of Gandasa Movies and that stuck around for some time. This time it is bigger than ever, the hopes are high, the expectations are big in the digital commentary age and the tech times have brought us exciting ways to create content, and this one is legit for a pop culture classic.

9. Young and thriving

Support local. This might be the worst reason or the most over a used one, but hey, I repeat with no shame, support local.

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