A Habit I do not Need

Please ponder on the subtle hints as well.

If there was one thing that you’d like to change about yourself what would that be?

A question most interviewers ask and what most of us have an already prepared generic answer to or something so abstract and queer one can’t help but laugh at it rather than start to comprehend it. My day today is the answer to this question.

12:00 pm. I wake up. It’s afternoon. The heat is at its extreme and the sun is right above our heads. Though I was supposed to be in an Air-conditioned room with a temperature lower than the outside, the light had gone just 5 minutes ago and due to the majority of people lying down in the room it had gotten quite humid all of a sudden (perks of living in a brown middle-class family). With sweats drops dripping down from our faces we all got up and started moving about for some fresh air.

Today was going to be a busy day and it just had to have the most awful start.

I picked up the nearby hand fan and started swinging it around slowly, getting the barest of winds in my drowsy state. 4 hours I sighed to myself. 4 hours till my rehearsals for my play and I was already at my worst. I didn’t know how well of an impact I could make on the first and most important day of the rehearsal. Moreover, I had the interview after that. Ah the interview.

The first impression is the last impression and today I wasn’t going to make the best one in either of those things.

Time passed quite quickly for being such an awful day. I had recently found a new hobby of doodling and wasting my time like anything (apologies to all those who need time for other actually important stuff and don’t get it) and that’s exactly what I did. I doodled various sexual innuendoes out on the paper and burnt it before anyone in my family could see them (being safe and cautious).

3:30pm. I’m eating pulao when I see the clock again. I am already in my jeans and t-shirt, just wrapping up my preparations with food. Light still hadn’t come so I had to use drinking water for a bath (apologies to those who do not have enough to drink) and I was pitch potch perfect.

4:15pm. We are stuck in front of a petrol pump because a tire had got punctured and we had to get it fixed.

4:45pm. I reach the place for my rehearsals and in extreme embarrassment enter the hall where everyone else is already practicing and rehearsing their lines and roles. The director gives me a really bad stare but lets it pass; maybe mumbling to him something on the lines “first time but last time” though I didn’t hear it clearly.

6:45pm. The supposed time I was supposed to leave for my interview at 7:20pm in a place far, far away. The actual time I leave my rehearsals? 7:20pm. 🙂

7:45pm. We are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam with zero petrol in the bike. We are searching for petrol in places I know nothing about and honestly quite scared of. These streets are too dark and scary.

7:55pm. I reach the place of interview. The interviewers are packing their stuff and are about to leave. I smile and they frown in return and sit down, signaling me to come in.

Surprisingly, the interview went quite well. We discussed quite lot things such as why I wanted to apply and what was my motivation in life and trivia questions such as the cube of 12 (yes it had a few weird tidbits) but the question to which I got the most snickers and laughter to:

“If there was one thing that you’d like to change about yourself what would that be?”

“I wish I could actually be on time to something for once.”

Do you have something like that, that you would like to change about yourself?

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