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A Handy Guide To Avoiding The Feminist Plague of 2018

Do you hate feminists? Here's how to avoid these raging females!

Newsflash: you can’t.

If hearing about women finally getting a platform to express their thoughts, dreams, ambitions and actually getting some basic human decency irks you to no end, then this article is just the place for you to correct your rather irrational, prejudiced thought process. Here’s why.

One doesn’t have to get a degree in World History to see the systematic oppression that has been and is being carried out against women; even those from privileged, rich families were forced to stay in a safe, comfortable bubble for their entire lives. Deprived of their right to knowledge and education while their brothers went on to learn all about the cosmos, deprived of the right to vote, the right to express their political and socioeconomic thoughts simply because men considered the idea of a smart and beautiful, confident woman to be absurd. How ridiculous!

Of course, the entire premise of this idea is the equally ridiculous notion that somehow the opinions of the male species matter more than any other thing in this entire world. Nature’s laws cannot function unless man, yes, man, comes forth and blesses it with some validation. But why does this concept even exist, why do men feel the need to assume that women cannot function without their validation, their compliments, and protection. Who started this damaging rumor and why did it gain such popularity?

What’s even more saddening is to see other women use religion and societal stereotypes to propagate this nonsense.

It surprises this author to no end when she comes across the tweet of some entitled woman who claims that feminism is the modern equivalent of vulgarity and that men are somehow meant to protect women from this scary, scary world. As if the scary world isn’t something that men themselves have created for women just to force them to stay at home. If you’re going to selectively use religion and society to justify the oppression of either a gender or a minority, then you belong to the category of people who think ignorance is cool and that saying the word opinion makes them immune to any sort of criticism.

Guess what, it doesn’t. Don’t act surprised when people call you out for your lack of knowledge. Learn to unlearn everything that has been taught to you by a flawed society since the beginning of time just to make you a part of the washed, watered down people that watch their entire lives go by without ever having a chance to live their life as they want.

Feminism, unlike what most people make it out to be, isn’t some sinister, fatal plague that must be avoided at all costs. Don’t succumb to a false narrative that we’ve been taught since the beginning of time and start thinking about this rationally; its high time we stop masking feminism as a dangerous movement when all it does is simply ask everyone for common decency. Something that very few people are ready to give for reasons hereto unknown. If someone finds out why now would be a good time to tell this author why it’s okay to malign feminism for demanding human rights!

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