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A Rant on Eid

Open your ears and listen up

Eid is here. The one you’ve all been waiting for because of the free delicious food as no one gives money on this Eid so you take refuge in the food. Anyhow, with the whole Eid celebrations going on, I’d like to use this opportunity to point out a few things.

Do not Embarrass yourself and know your prayers. Like firstly, when you know Eid is coming up and you know that it comes once a year there is nothing to be ashamed about to say that you have forgotten how to offer Eid prayer. It’s either a quick visit to the mosque, a small Google search or even listening to the Imam before the prayer itself and you should be ready to offer your prayer correctly. It is quite infuriating when you do not even try to make such a small effort to please the Almighty for whom you are ready to sacrifice an animal but not being able to do a much bigger component for his grace, offering prayer correctly.

There is no need to post on Social Media

I know it’s hard. I know Snapchat and Instagram are excruciatingly enough, but you also have Facebook and Whatsapp stories to post on, know this that not everyone appreciates Qurbani snaps. People are born quite sensitive and nobody needs to see the bloodbath on social media.

Those who can afford it, do qurbani. Some take pleasure in seeing the goats being sacrificed while others seek refuge from Allah that lest such a fate befall on them, they die a peaceful death. It is the human nature to comprehend things differently. I don’t know why but if you want to post such snaps or stories which you undoubtedly have all the right to, just include a Trigger Warning Snap/Story beforehand of TW: Blood, Animal sacrificed. Anything so those who want to avoid seeing such things today can do so. Try to become a bit empathic and be able to do these small things so no one feels attacked or sick by what you post.

On the other hand, put some balance in your phone or mass message all your friends using Messenger or Instagram.

Keeping up with everyone is hard. It’s not humanely possible to talk to all of your 150 friends everyday so use Eid as a chance to wish them well being and joyous lives ahead. Everyone appreciates an Eid Message even though if it might be forwarded but as it is a joyous occasion people are able to put aside such thoughts and able to wish you well as well.

Send people gifts. Eid is a great opportunity to fix old friendships or broken relationships by taking out your loved one out to dinner or giving your friend a gift he might like.

Have fun. Eid comes only once a year so use this time to socialize with friends and family alike, sit down with your family and gossip about aunties and uncles you don’t like. Go out. Eat dinner. Offer your prayers and also make sure to make this auspicious day as blessed and as happy as it is for you, to the beggars and laborers as well. This Eid is like a big feast for them so spread as much joy as possible.

Hope everyone has a great Eid.
God Bless!

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