The alternative is unconscious, the default setting.

To look beyond vision and to listen to the unheard voices and inaudible sound is to be conscious. The aspects that can only be seen through a conscious eye are brought forward from behind the facades of the make-believe to facilitate you to focus on what usually goes unnoticed, is the motive behind ZIPit.

Alleviating a culture of silence, where explicit expression is tabooed and therefore censored and subjective opinion is trivialized. ZIPit restores the freedom to critically think and analyze and evaluate everything that you see around no matter how trivial or significant. And lift the censors off the expression that is curtailed by the restraints imposed through culturally appropriate standards. From fiction to the ugly truths, ZIPit brings you face to face with whatever it takes to prompt your consciousness and jerks awake you. We have been reinforcing this mute culture long enough to approve of any voice that speaks the truth. It’s about time we realize that no prohibition can silence a conscious voice and no taboo is strong enough to put the conscious thought at rest.

Unconsciousness is not an option anymore because there’s no alternative to consciousness. You exist (consciously) or you don’t. Through ZIPit, change your default setting into existing!

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