Ali Zafar Calls Meesha Malala , Crying Wolf Again?

Apparently He Is Cyber-Bullied And Defamed.

Ali Zafar on Saturday interacted with the media for the first time since he filed a defamation case against Meesha Shafi for accusing him of sexual harassment on social media. And the statement is not pretty. But the graphics are very well arranged.

The Tweet that is inherently sexist and yet again aggressively attacking in its nature says he is about to come at Meesha Shafi, and that really sucks. But, the video he has linked in is just right after the court case summed up, and he gives his statement with the same old ‘I am shareef and I am begunah’ plot.

In the video which is a preamble to this defamation court case, Ali says he is in pain and disappointment over how someone runs to Twitter to express their issues and allegedly defames a “begunah shareef aadmi” while planning their immigration to Canada.

He then shamelessly juxtaposit the question of whether Meesha wanted international recognition or wanted to be Malala. 

He says and I quote:

Meesha Shafi’s case against me has been dismissed alongside the appeal made against the dismissal. The case in the court is my case against her to pay for damages that her false statement has caused me which naturally she’s trying to run from.

He continued: ”I have also filed a case against all the fake and other accounts being used to run a campaign against me on social media.”

Wait what, what the fuck as in, please don’t go on to fight that all the women in solidarity with Meesha are what you want to call fake accounts running some campaign?  Now that is some madness. Go seek emotional support please, your misogyny and self-obsession is really a downer to watch.

He then has the nerve to say:

“Meesha’s lawyer has been following and retweeting fake accounts. We’ve filed a case against this as well with the FIA since it comes under cyber crime and cyber bullying.”

Wait what, you are bullied by us? You are bullied by us, in case you did not understand the question, YOU are bullied by US??? Get a life, Ali. This is not any better than your ‘I am a son, I am a husband’ crap. You are accused of Harassment.

The burden of proof lies on you, not your lawyer, not on Meesha and not on the court to say you are free.

If you have a sick sense of humor, entertain yourself:

This, in fact, is what he thinks is happening, she is pulling a Malala. And, oh sweet lord, this is just like watching Bilawal Bhutto Zardari use the name of the deceased Abdul Sattar Edhi in his rants on the whole Imran Khan’s Freudian slipcase. Which we believe was casual sexism gone awry just btw.

Meanwhile, Ali’s Lawyer posts this: The court’s statement.

Via Barrister Ambreen Qureshi
Via Barrister Ambreen Qureshi

Dear woman, please understand that the ‘technical’ grounds here say she entered into a work agreement with a man, which does not equate the consent to be a subject of harassment! We accept that you are a lawyer and you can twist things to your advantage, and you successfully turned the case towards a dead end, but well, you can stop now, people know better, and they are ultimately on #TeamMeesha.

This coffee has gone bad, stop brewing it any more, for your own benefit, and whatever is left of your fan following.


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