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An Average Student NOT

What do others see that I myself fail to see in myself?

 Stares filled with malice. ‘Incidental’ shoves.  Rude remarks. That is my daily life.

No, I am not a bully nor am I a shy, introverted backbencher who spends his days daydreaming. I am an extremely adventurous kid who likes to study and occasionally plays a sport. I am one who is interested in football and cars. I like brands such as Levis and Eden robe. I use perfumes of AXE and underwear’s of CK. My hobbies mainly include spending my day doing homework, sometimes reading a book by Paula Coelho, and gossiping with my family tad bits or weird quirks of people. Overall, I’m just your very average kid… though I do have one significant issue.

I do not have friends.

I don’t know why nobody ever tries to be friends with me. Like I try my best to talk to people and open up to them but no one ever does the same for me. Everyone is just so cold towards me I can’t help but sometimes cry my heart out. What’s worse is that there is a bunch of kids who like to bully me.

They have been bullying me since I can recall. The first time I met them I knew they were people I could never be friends with. They just had this disgusting vibe this aura of distaste which made me vomit even going near them. No, they didn’t smell of garbage. It’s just that these people showed the animosity they held against me quite openly unlike the rest who preferred to face the other side.

Then again they are the one I have to thank because it was them who told me why everyone was so disgusted and afraid of me.

The day it happened I was in the cafeteria, sitting alone in a corner eating away whatever leftovers of a so-called ‘barbeque sandwich’ our café served but I never had the chance to eat, probably because even the café mistress hated me. Anyhow, it was then that these bullies came up to me and surrounded me. I tried to ignore them and kept on gnawing away at the hard cold bread.

The awkward silence didn’t stay for long. Before long one of them had grabbed my unguarded bag and stolen it away, running away with it. I tried to make a run after him but was instead found trapped in between seniors who looked at me with such disgust it made all my pent-up anger just come bursting fort and I couldn’t stop myself.

“WHAT IS YOUR ISSUE?” I screamed at them in frenzy. “WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO DISGUSTED BY ME? WHAT WRONG DID I EVER DO?” I take back a few steps to look at all of them in the eye.

Silence prevails for a few seconds before someone says something under his breath. A few snickers are heard.


One of the larger kids came out of the group and said in an extremely nonchalant, unprovoked manner:

“Why do you try to act so straight, huh?”

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