An extremely stupid exaggerated tale of extravagant people

Yes you read the title right.

“Mom” the cries were ever piercing.

“Mom” the echoes were heard far and wide.

“Mom” the third time was a charm.

Mom wasn’t the first to come but surely one of the earliest to arrive. Her son was bawling inside his room with his arms clenched around his throat.

Seeing those small nimble fingers around his sensitive exposed throat the mother did not understand what to think. Was he trying to commit suicide? But would her son ever do that? Did he not have all he could ask for? Did he not have the most luxurious of mahogany chairs and tables in his rooms? Did he not have the most extravagant of personalities and such magnificent and gorgeous accessories to go with it? What was the issue?

As Mom thought these things out the kid cried out in further pain and one of the servants tried to manhandle the kid to not make him choke himself. While he awkwardly tried to free the kid from his own grip the mom fainted seeing her 2 year old son writhing in pain. She did not know what to do.

Such weak are the hearts of the mother.

When she came to a thousand servants surrounded her all holding their fingers to their ears keeping them shut. As her consciousness surfaced she understood why they held their ears shut.

Her son was wailing and sobbing. Still.

She rubbed her eyes and asked for a glass of water but her request fell on deaf ears. She looked towards her son who now had spread his body all over the floor and was rolling in uneven motions. It was like a magnetic pull of uneven forces.

The mother ran to her child and inquired him why he was choking himself to which she only heard half eaten words which sounded like, “because pain dissolves pain”. What did he mean? Was he trying to injure himself to suppress other types of pain he felt? What was happening here? Did her son had some sort of self-harming habit?

Her mother could bear no more and she called the doctor in.

The doctor took no more nor no less than 5 minutes to tiptoe his way inside the room and start examining the child. He knew time was money and he didn’t want to waste it.

After much examination, the doctor raised only an eyebrow. After his inspection he had only come to one conclusion, the kid was perfectly fine from well everywhere. So what was the issue? So the doctor did the most logical as well as the simplest method to identify the issue: he asked the patient what was the problem.

When the kid spoke the 4 words, a deathly silence fell to all those standing, sitting, sorrowing and whimpering in the room as they could only gape in disbelief and expand their eyes in pure utter amazement yet horror as they would never have thought this would have happened and they could have assumed so wrong. The kid said,

“I stubbed my toe.” He said among tears pouring down his face.

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