An Uber Ride

Wrongly Uber

Let me start by saying that I am a male Uber driver (it was important to mention male because female drivers exist as well) and this is my tale of the most… most… well you’d know what most I mean by the end of this tale.

“Beep Beep” went the phone and I knew that I was in for a ride. I clicked on accept hurriedly lest someone else accept it and began to switch my car on to drive towards the pickup point. When it finally loaded, it showed that I didn’t need to go anywhere as I was already standing over there, that is: the parking lot of Doctors Hospital. I switched my car off (to save some pollution) and clicked on ‘arrive’.

It took a few minutes for a lady, whom I assumed as, my customer, arrived. But she did not arrive alone. To answer your answer, no, she did not have other humans with her but rather huge plastic bags which contained some… stuff that I could estimate sitting in the driver’s seat. She waved at me and pointed at the back. I knew what she meant and opened the boot where she placed most of her items. Though being so numerous but as well as enormous she also put some in the back seat and then finally came and sat upfront.

It hadn’t even been a minute that she had sat down that she rapidly blurted out, “Come on man. Let’s go. I am getting late.”

Ugh… She was one with attitude. I never liked people with attitude. I rolled my eyes and began the ride. Switched my car on and started driving to her location which was an estimate of 45 minutes from my location.

The ride was, all in all, quite boring and silent and uneventful. It was a smooth and simple ride where nothing of any sort happened, save for the fact that the customer was repeating the same phrase to ‘drive faster’.

What did change were my views of her.

At first I hadn’t noticed it but I saw a small white cloth bulging out of her bag which I thought to be her lab coat so this lady was most surely doctor or senior nurse. Due to this fact I developed some respect for her as her profession is quite respectable alas

this changed as well.

When I reached her house, I helped her, along with her maid to take out the plastic bags. When I got off to pick up the first bag I expected it to be medicines of some sort because being a doctor maybe she was refueling her house or something. To my surprise, I wasn’t wrong in guessing that it would be medicine but the problem lies in the fact that the medicine bottles were there… but the medicine itself wasn’t.

She had simply brought home empty medicine bottles.

To add more to that, the next few bags contained empty water bottles and even more medicine bottles devoid of medicine.

I did not mean to suspect her or anything but when the maid shouted: “Madam! This time the quantity is SO much! Do we have to fill these all and sell them all?”

“Shhh Maid. Not in front of him.”

Everything changed.

“I have never seen a more miser and dishonest person in my life. Empty medicine bottles belong in the trash, not… argh.” I wanted to scream but I remained silent.

I left hoping that she at least gave me 5 stars.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, but i think a complaint should be logged for such staff, if you like to share more, are you talking about Lahore doctors hospital, really very sad to listen, and i would be happy if we can save innocent people and such medical staff can be punished and banned,

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