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Anger Management: Introduction(Part-1)

“Anger is a disaster.”It can make you do things and actions you would never even think or imagine of in a sane mind. It rids you of your common sense and logical thinking and you can only act as per your instincts and commit atrocities and befall harm to those you love in ways they cannot recover from. Anger makes you into something you are most definitely not: a Monster.

This kind of view is half wrong and half right but it’s clearly defining Anger as a negative thing.

Expressing anger begins with the facial muscles.

Firstly, understand this that Anger is a normal, healthy emotion just like happiness or sadness. In any case, it’s unfortunate when it erupts constantly and you have no degree of control over it. Interminable, dangerous outrage has serious consequences for your close ones, your well being, and your own sanity of mind.

In Anger we tend to explode outwards and our body opens up.

Why is anger something you have to control yet not smash?

The feeling of anger is neither great nor terrible. Like any feeling, it’s passing on a message, disclosing to you that a circumstance is irritating, or uncalled for, or undermining. On the off chance that your kneejerk response to outrage is to detonate, be that as it may, that message never has an opportunity to be passed on. In this way, while it’s impeccably typical to feel furious when you’ve been abused or wronged, anger turns into an issue when you express it in a way that damages yourself or others.

On the off chance that you have a hot temper, you may feel like it’s out of your hand (which is mostly the case) and there’s little you can do to tame this monster and keep the cage shut on this beast. Be that as it may, you have more control over your anger than you might suspect. You can learn to express your emotions without hurting others.

In Anger we tend to become colour blind to all the possible solutions except the one that we deem appropriate.

Misconceptions about Anger

Misconception: I shouldn’t try to “control” my anger. It’s beneficial to let the hose loose when water comes.

Actuality: While it’s valid that stifling and disregarding anger is not the best course of action, venting is no better. Anger isn’t something you need to “let out” in a forceful path with a specific end goal to abstain from exploding. Anger is usually given a reference to fire because outbursts and tirades only act as fuels to this fire and increase issues concerning anger management.

Misconception: Anger, hostility, and terrorizing enable me to win regard and get what I need.

Actuality: Respect doesn’t originate from harassing others. Individuals might fear you, nonetheless, they won’t regard you on the off chance that you can’t control yourself or handle contradicting perspectives. Others will be all the more eager to hear you out and oblige your necessities in the event that you impart consciously and let each person have the pen while speaking.

Misconception: It’s impossible to control your anger. You have no choice but to let your anger out.

Actuality: You can’t generally control the circumstance you’re in or how it affects you, yet you can control how you express your outrage. Furthermore, you can express your anger without being verbally or physically injurious. Regardless of whether somebody is pushing your buttons, you generally have a decision about how to react even if it may be clouded at that moment hence it’s always said to take some time to yourself before taking any decision.

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