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Are All Families Self Righteous, Pop Culture Says They Are

Is your family self righteous, because mine is. And I feel like the more I talk to my other friends and listen to their stories the more I feel that families are screwed. Families think they are geniuses but their obsession with keeping things great and secure throws them under the bus each time. They are passionate about secrets, they complicate things and they think that they are the best.

No, I did not see any dysfunctional drama movie last night, although each one of them such as Cake, Citizen Khan, Kapoor and Sons, Dil Dharakne Do, and so many more really give me all the joy to watch with my family because they are all crazy too, just like us.

But, it turns out that after such a long time, watching movies with the family will not make them realize that their behavior is messed up and comical.

There has to be another way, don’t you think?

Family members, siblings, a parent can unknowingly curtail freedom to grow, to learn and adapt to the world, simply because they are scared and because nobody taught them how to do life. And the way life does us all is that we get one chance at everything, and we still blow that chance anyway. There is no way to practice, but yes, there is room to amend.

And instead of crying about how my family does not nurture any emotional intelligence, does not care about the small things in life, does not welcome creativity of absurd kinds, and does not accept changes happening in the outer world as dynamically as they happen, I choose to correct and not cry. I choose to amend this summer. And be amused, because sure my family may be possessive, crazy and even loud about their problematic stances on everything without adding any of their own mental efforts into things, but someone must crack their brains wide open and help them unlearn and perhaps relearn, and for that someone, basically we, must understand their self-righteousness and see where it stems from.

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