Are You Not Good Enough? So Much To Do, Not Enough Time? Good, Because SAME!

The age of social media, we read so much about this, willingly or unwillingly, the video your cousin shared, the Vlog you just closed, in the Social Change lecture at university, in the email you received from Medium, the Twitter guy who posts nonstop about everything that is rant-worthy, the baby cousin whose mother wants him to stop using her mobile anytime he is not sleeping.

The phrase has become cringe-y. You almost don’t want to know more about it. But, your career, your identity and, your life have other plans. Fun plans. Atleast, the ones that look fun on the internet. After all, people should see what you’re up to these days no? How else would you check if your activities are worth the time, emotion and money?

We are thrown into a big giant infinite swarm of insta porn. These are pictures that are not body-positive, too much PDA everywhere, things that make you want to throw up like fake friends and their fake selfies, sad posts from clinically depressed people (not to sound insensitive, but if you are talking about your problems but you are not welcoming any help, I really don’t know how to respond) and posts from people with brilliant summer bodies, outside restaurants and eateries (I mean, TBH, I feel so embarrassed and ashamed when someone from my friends asks the waiter to take a groupie, don’t you?) and those with perfect lifestyles who apparently never study or work and then those who look the happiest, and the ones getting married, having babies. Ugh, the list goes on and I am really thinking to myself that if I don’t like all of this content then why do I consume it?

When I go to Insta at 5 PM, why is the next timestamp that I notice 7.10 PM? When I open Twitter to post a Tweet, why is it that I have already retweeted and liked 40 others? Where is my sense of control? And more so, where is your sense of control?

We put ourselves in comparison to others, feel guilty of doing so, mindlessly measuring us against our social media versions of human friends, we set very very unattainable, false idols that are unfair, self-discounting and insulting to us. It is a big old masochistic trap for us. We then go into the subtle and self-consuming reigns of self-policing.

While problems like Body dysmorphia cannot be referred to as exaggerated examples, or as scare words insensitively outside their medical and psychological meaning but, that is the kind of path that leads to it. Also, Bulimia, Anorexia, and color-complexes. Inferiority complex, for example, stems from the longing of having something else, something that others are validating, such as in the ads and on your friend’s profiles.  Perhaps human face should like 16 layers of makeup and 7 coats of Better than sex mascara, and this is our fate until we try to aim and change that. Either that means changing what we are looking at, or to change what we want to be by being different. By saying no to what’s toxic and meaningless or too absurd for you to want to be.

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