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Arya Stark’s Sex Scene – S08 Episode 2, Problematic But Necessary?

It Is The Final Season: Game Of Thrones, Arya Stark Had To Be In A Sex Scene

Showing an underage girl engage in sexual activity, whether it is the character or the actor, is a very legally, socially and morally problematic issue for producers to face. But, as it turns out in these electronic digital media days, no publicity is bad publicity because bad means that there is room to be better and like in the House of Cards’s case, you can always cancel a mature aged show to make it look like you are showing solidarity with oppressed victims of assault and harassment.

However, let’s not get sidetracked here and talk about our favorite cutie in the game-town, Arya Stark. And since we do not see many responsible reports on what happens in our favorite shows, seems like we will have to take the baton up ourselves. So let’s just get into this and see why was the very nude-heavy sex scene of our girl next door who loves a good fight is so very important.

Child Pornography?

First of all, we need to acknowledge that Maisie Williams is 22. She is not like we see her, so the actor here is ahead of her age of consent and thus, the show did not engage in any violations of child pornography laws, duh, they are not dumb-asses, they have the best of legal counsel available to them, including a big production house that has a big heart for production budgets but not for big legal lawsuits dragged by public and pressure groups globally.

Disturbia for fans?

Were you just as disturbed to see that as I was, because SAME!! Despite all of the grown-up things you must do, as a character written by the genius George R Martin, SHE IS UNDERAGE as a character. In the books, Arya is 16. Here, she is older. Well, a nice twist there, but for us, correction: FOR MANY OF US GLOBALLY, the sex scene was absurd. But, give it a second to sink in and you realize, she is not a kid.

She has killed more people than you can count, she has a freaking kill-list, she takes great joy in killing people creatively, quite sadistically.

Although we practically saw her grow right in front of our eyes, she is a kid, but, if the idea is the first thing that made you cringe while watching Game of Thrones, then idk what are you doing with your life, or actually, what has life done to you? Are you even alright? Are you not seeing all of the other nuanced statutory rape scenes in the series, hint: they involve more than 4 victims we otherwise really like.

But, well, that is just what Game of Thrones is. But, looks like some critics are in denial, and that in a lot of ways is delusional, derogatory and homophobic, at the same time, Break out of denial bishes, enjoy the reference:

Arya’s Consensual Sex, Tommen’s, Daenerys’ and Sansa’s Rape:

Two sisters, both of them tortured, matured and developed right before us on screen. Strong character arcs and completely perfect storylines. Yet the little one engaging in consensual sex is of a greater problem to us, than the depiction of rape was for many. And these two lines sum up our narrative as a nation, well in a nutshell.

Our dearest Khaleesi, for perspective, Daenerys Targaryen was somewhere between 15 and 17 at the start of Game of Thrones’ first season, when she was married off by her brother to Khal Drogo without her consent and raped on her wedding night. However law cannot be retrospective and we are sure that the time it is set in, had no age of consent. But, somehow fans forget that the content we are watching is all set in a yester-time and in that time, if we want to apply our norms, values, and opinions then we must do so uninformative.

Back in season 5, Cersei’s son Tommen, whom we also witnessed grow up on the show, had sex with his wife, Margaery, when she was 21 and he was just 13 or 14. Now that was statutory rape despite consent being there.

Sansa was about 17 in season five when she was brutally raped in another forced marriage. Though Sansa’s rape may be Game of Thrones’ most notorious and controversial scene, few complained about it due to the age of the character, instead of focusing on the overwhelming prevalence of sexual violence on the show overall. Which is something that every article since the release of the episode that has come out, will tell you the same, that Haye, we saw the girl grow up on the show, she is the age of my little sister and that is sick. RIP Mangobaaz, but, darlings that are not even the half as gross thing as the real issues pressed under the popular news.

Arya is a Sadist, Shouldn’t That Bother Fans More?

We have seen her do worse things than have consensual sex frequently in horrifically violent and sadistic ways. While she seems to have learned to relax a bit and focus on supporting and protecting her family instead of automatically exacting bloody revenge on every enemy she runs across. But she’s still completely in charge of her own actions. Needless to see reminders but, would it hurt, no, right:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4O9IWLoABU]


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwQAZ7_SjgU]

Sansa’s rape scene changed the social expectations of Game of Thrones in treating all things about gender however, our mindsets and preconceived notions still color how we read these characters and their sexualization.

And we have been saving the best for the last, oh how could we skip this one:

Cheers until the next one!

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