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Asma Nawab – a Victim of Civil Justice System of Pakistan

Pakistan’s civil justice system ranks 106 in 113 countries worldwide, in accordance to the World Justice Project survey of 2017. Should we consider it an upgrade that Asma Nawab got justice, after two decades of wrongful imprisonment? It is, in fact, a step forward. At least she got it all sorted out, finally. Time is relative anyways. Right?


Consider this scenario: A girl of 16, has her entire family killed during an attempted robbery and is accused of the killings. The trail goes on for 12 days and she receives a death penalty for murder. She plead her innocence, the justice system put her case in pending. For 20 whole years! She stays in prison that entire time, an emotional and nervous wreck. A teenage girl, who lost all of her family in one night, who’s everything is taken away from her in just one night. To add more pain to already grave situation, she is accused for being the murderer, and more so, her relatives and friends thinks of her as the killer and don’t come to visit her, ever.

You get the picture. The situation is that bad. Now, all of a sudden, her case comes up and she is declared “not-guilty” and is set free.

The fact; you just stop caring about proving such people innocent after such a long time, and accept the new prison life as their remaining life.

Isn’t being notoriously famous for harboring terrorists, and being gray listed for that, enough to censure Pakistan internationally, that snail-paced justice system had to sneak in and add to it?

We need to stand up for this country and have to seriously step up the applied policies, if we want it to survive; if we want us to survive. If we let things go on like they are going on now, we might have to bid good bye to our country; sooner rather than later. We need to get our priorities straight and sorted out, and keep national interest on top, else the future of Pakistan seem as bright as a black hole.

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