Because it’s Ramadan: Critic Yourself Rather Than Others

“So, you have started saying prayers because it’s Ramadan right?”

“You usually don’t wear full sleeves…”

“Shalwar kameez looks good on you.”

“People become all pious in Ramadan.”

“Did you see her dressing at the party last month? OMG what a transformation.”

These are some examples of the things we hear people say when Ramadan comes, and probably we are among the people who say such things.

We have become so addicted to judging people that we have forgotten that everyone has a right to be as they want to. Passing judgment, on random people, is like the most natural thing we can do. In context of Ramadan, we see people changing themselves in many ways, from their attire to their charity habits. Such characteristics in general public escalate tremendously as the holy month approaches.

Guess what? It is what this month is about. So people might increase in doing such good deeds, or simply fulfilling the duties they have being a part of the Muslim culture and society. Who are we to judge those people anyway? We think (we all do) that those people have morphed just because of the month, and most probably it is true. The facts:

  • If they have started doing good deeds just for the cause that they are obliged to do them in this month, it is for their own benefit.
  • They are not harming you in any way.
  • No one has appointed you to be the moral police for anyone.
  • For all you know, this change in those people, in this month, might lead to a permanent change.
  • Judging someone because of how they have been and how they are now is rude. You should upgrade your own morale before hitting on someone else’s.
  • This is the demand of this month, that it is to be respected and honored.

Our society is failing because we are always pointing out the mistakes in others, even if they are not mistakes to begin with. We have set certain standards for ourselves and we just apply them on everyone, not acknowledging the individuality of everyone. If we start looking at the mistakes we make, on an individual level, we might achieve something as a society and as a nation. If we stop judging people on their outlook and just accept them as they are, it will create great amount of positivity in the society. Which will in turn benefit us and we might be considered as a advancing nation. Named in the world not for the terrorism and violence and chaos, but the peace and love and acceptance which we provide each other.

Have a great Ramadan! This Ramadan, try to focus your critic abilities on yourself rather than on others.

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