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Being an Editor

No. It is NOT easy


That’s one of the things I feel while editing this. Excruciating pain. Discomfort. Annoyance. Displeasure. Cringe. Shivers down my spines. Boredom. These are just some of the few things I experience while editing my friend’s book.

Being an Editor is not easy, as an editor means you are an editor, not a writer. You can only edit that what you get. You cannot add things to it without the author’s permission and usually, the author would be a snob nosed brat who would deny you on the first prospect that you are not allowed to add things to their text. Their “pride” gets hurt that someone else is trying to make their text better.

Hey man. Sure I am an editor who in your opinion is only allowed to check the grammar, fix the vocabulary or maybe try to delete a few lines but it is one of my jobs to tell you how you can make your text better. You need to understand that. But nooooo, your ego and pride interfere your small brain from understanding this minute little thing.

In all honesty, my friend’s writing is pretty horrendous. He doesn’t know what the commas are for, where the periods go, nor does he understand what a colon and semicolon have so much different about them, using them like anything. He has next to no sense of grammar and is pretty bad at describing and explaining things. The one thing he is actually good at? Nothing.

… Well, that’d be a lie now. He is good at one thing. And what might that be, you ask? Plots. His plots are beautiful. They are so intricately made they are breathtaking. It’s just that he is still a child that he has problems conveying his ideas otherwise when he grows older and gets better at writing there is no force in this world that will stop him from becoming a writer unlike ever before. Maybe even better than our old legends such as Roald Dahl. That’s how much trust I have in his improvement an evolution because every day every second I can see him trying to improve, trying to understand the reasons and purpose of the comma and the semicolon. He is trying every day to improve himself. it’s not his fault that he is a slow learner but it’s my duty as his fried to make sure that he keeps on learning and that he becomes better than how he is. One step at a time or so they say.

On the other hand as an editor, my job at the moment is pretty horrible that I have to edit a work written by a 16 year old with writing and grammar like a 2 year old would use, with the most simple of vocabulary and next to no use of grammar or very wrong use of grammar and trying to understand what he is trying to say all the while getting scolded by him that I do not understand anything. It’s all annoying and sometimes makes me want to choke him to death but eh I did promise to help him as much as I can. Though I won’t shy away from the fact that I sometimes take help from other friends to edit his text and then me and my other friend would trash talk about how bad this person’s writing is and how useless he is to vent ourselves all the while editing his texts and sending it to him on appointed deadlines so he can continually publish his writings on his amateur blog.

God, being an editor is hard.

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