Believe in your Adults Decisions for You

They matter for a reason

It was all worth it.

Believe me when I say it was worth it. One decision, albeit not mine, albeit forced, it was worth it.

It was truly worth it.

Sometimes some decision that experienced adults chooses for you are for the best (though some of you, rather most of you will already disagree with me at this point at least hear me out). You may not know at that moment but they are for the best which you come to understand later in your life once you have passed that ordeal and what you thought you lost was actually what you never needed but is was just an excessive burden that was stopping you from developing and spreading your wings (much like a toxic friend). Some decisions are better off not understanding in the heat of the moment. When you calm down and you can wrap your head around them that is when you will notice how easy they made your life and how in reality they were beneficial to you. Let me give you my example to make you understand a bit better.

I was an extremely talented and academically successful student in my School years. After finishing my O levels with a spectacular result I had much high hopes and I had ended up taking seven A Levels subjects. I know how bizarre that sounds but I did end up taking them.

Fortunately for me, my Principal held no qualms against me for taking up seven A levels subjects and rather supported me in taking seven A level subs though this all quite changed when A level started.

Day 1 of A Level: I get my timetable and find out that I have more clashes than one would have ever thought which has led me thinking that I should drop one of my subjects. I am extremely confused about what to do.

Day 2 of A level: After a rigorous discussion with the Principal and the Career Councilor I am forced to drop one subject and all the sections for my classes are changed. This is quite a dramatic change but I chose to remain steadfast.

2 days and my life were turned upside down just like that. All the comments and remarks I had been hearing went for naught as my subjects were forcefully decreased to six even though I didn’t want to but, (this might seem superficial) I can’t tell you how grateful I feel because of that. Because I was steadfast, because I was determined even after all that happened, because I choose to take care of myself and not listen to people anymore, I became successful.

Not only did my health improve when a burden was removed, but my focus was also increased as all the attention that I was giving to the subject I dropped, turned to anger which motivated me to work even harder for the rest of the subjects which led me to achieve heights more than I normally would have.

What happened turned out for the best. So trust in the decision of your adults,

every once in a while.

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