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Boys can too

“Why are you crying like a girl? What’s wrong with you?”

Okay so a guy can’t cry because only girls can? Where was I when it became a societal paradox? Fortunately enough, not there.
The way they say it when a guy is being referred to a girl in terms of actions and words, seems like they’re abusing him, making fun of him, like being a girl is unfortunate; or him having feelings is wrong.
That if a guy cries he’s being a ‘wuss’, he’s being ‘weak’ and he’s being a girl.
When he’s not the first one to make a “move” then he’s the submissive one. When he confesses about his feelings, he’s the vulnerable one. And for god-knows-what reason, that’s just not right!
On the other hand, if a girl does all of those things, thank god, she’s a girl!

She possesses all traits of being one! Sensitive, vulnerable and hey, she has feelings!!! which she expresses!!! 

Similarly if a girl likes “boy stuff” like video gaming, biking, adventurous missions(the usual boy stuff which a girl can never possess because it’s not ‘decent’), she gets appreciated. The guys like her, “Oh thank god she’s not into makeup!”/ “Thank god I won’t have to go shopping with her” or “Thank god she’s not like other girls!” (ugh?)
Why will I be appreciated for doing “boyish” stuff by the standards of society? What, is it like being a boy is some sort of achievement unlocked? Or is it a life time award of being the best and the most accepted member of the society?

If a guy likes barbie or pink stuff, for the love of god, it’s fine! If he likes cooking, even better! If he helps you shop for your dresses and makeup with genuine interest, really what is there better to look for?
Why are guys portrayed and expected to be stone cold when it comes to feelings and practical when it comes to decisions?
If a guy wants to do something he likes, regardless of the fact that the society has classified every toy, every color, every social activity into two horrible gender sects, then he shouldn’t stop! He should do whatever the heck he wants!
And same is the case with the girls. If she wants to do stuff which isn’t “girly” then she should just do it. She shouldn’t worry about what people have to say because they always say things and about 99.9% of them are street gossips and horrible standards set by our sexist share of people in the society.

It’s becoming a habit I wouldn’t want to get rid off, but I’d like to end it the same way//
Get over these double standards.

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