Brie Larson Missed Out On This History Lesson

We love Captain Marvel for her strength, fierceness, and valor in the movie but amidst all those intense training sessions she might have skipped a few of her history lessons. It seems that Brie Larson might have gone over a mile while talking about her contribution in the film industry during the Women In The World conference.

“I’m very grateful to have broken this glass ceiling of normalizing the concept that women can also make a billion dollars. I don’t know why that was so hard to comprehend in the first place,” she said. “It’s just like we’re human, whatever. If people needed this to be another reminder this decade [that minority groups can open movies and make a billion dollars] then great. I’m here. I did it.”

For those of you who might assume that she did THAT. well, she did not.

She is not quite the Rosa Parks that she thinks she is. In fact, she did not even come close to doing it. There were plenty of women before her who normalized the idea of a woman making a billion box office dollars of a woman as an action hero.

She is not the first or even the second, she comes way after any women who have already broken this glass ceiling before her.

Let’s look at the timeline…

If Rogue One rings a bell then you should know the Felicity Jones was the first woman to anchor a standalone billion dollar action movie in 2016. Followed up by Jennifer Lawrence for her role in The Hunger Games, a franchise that grossed $3 billion.

How could Brie forget Wonder Woman? Everyone went quite crazy when that came out, the buzz and hype her character received was far more than Captain Marvel in my opinion. She bagged a total of $821 million at the box office.

These are some recent movies we are quoting if we were to look back, a whole 17 years earlier to be precise, does anyone remember that black, short-haired chick that had everyone swooning over her? Residents Evil? Do we have any fans here? Milla Jovovich laid the foundation for women with her franchise that grossed over a billion dollars.

How can Brie simply forget Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Marvel was misinformed. Remember Black Panther? Well, the surely advertised it as the first ever black film which wasn’t the truth.

Black Panther is the first black superhero movie!

Yeah, well… Blankman, Spawn, Steel, Blade, Catwoman?…

Rings a bell??

The only statement that is correct is that Black Panther was the first Marvel movie starring a black superhero directed by a black guy named Ryan! Otherwise, it was neither the first black movie, neither was it the first big budget superhero movie starring a black man nor was it the first Marvel movie starring a black superhero because Blade did it first and there were actually three of them.

Film industry politics aside, this is rather a disrespectful thing to do to the true pioneers. The above-mentioned people are the true trailblazers of this and they not only deserve respect but should be remembered as well. And as for it goes for Brie, she needs to look up history before making big claims.




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