Bus Ride

Not your Everyday one

There was only one empty seat on the bus.

It was surprisingly, a window seat. The occupant of the other seat was casually dozing off so I silently scuffled in and sat behind him. I felt glad that I had found this seat. When I had entered the bus, I was astounded to see that so many people were standing and that so many of them had overlooked this nice spot, quite literally, right in front of them. Little did I know, they hadn’t…

When I sat down I felt the softness of a chewing gum digging into my pants and attaching itself for eternity to my favourite jeans. A shiver went down my spine but I controlled it. “From one stop to another. Only 5 minutes. Neither more nor less. You can handle this,” I tried to console myself to no avail. This was going to be one hell of a trip, and not on a good note.

After getting ‘comfortable’ (or so to say), my eyes now set on the white liquid that lay before me stuck onto the seat ahead of me. It was a soft, liquidy, off-white fluid that seemed to be stuck to the seat. I made a look of disgust after recognizing it as ‘that’ and used a tissue to clean it up.

I was quite surprised as to where it might have randomly grown out from but my wish was soon answered when I noticed that the occupant next to me, casually dozing off was touching his naked crotch and had his ‘part’ out hidden under a magazine. I was about to throw up when I tried to open the window for some fresh air.

I said, ‘I tried’ because I couldn’t open it. No matter how much I tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge and stayed glued to its position. I humphed in anger and gave one final push when I saw what held it in its place.


There were only remnants visible but it was clearly visible that some kid had applied glue (probably super glue) to the window which stopped it from opening. I assume a kid because the messy and uneven handiwork matched that of a kid but then again, given the occupant next to me, I couldn’t have been more doubtful that it could have been his handiwork as well.

I tried to get this all out of my head and tried to stretch back when I heard someone shout, “Don’t!” I got back to attention and understood why. Behind me, quite invisible but visible to those who paid keen attention were marks that of ketchup and mayo. Someone had eaten without manners and spilled all his sauces onto the seat.  The blame could have been blamed on the seat behind mine where lay a kid, sleeping, with ketchup marks on his face but my doubt went somewhere else.

Seeing I was clearly uncomfortable I got up and shoved my way to the back of the bus and stood one with the crowd and saw “it” which upon closer inspection, turned out to be true.

Faint marks of a chewing gum on everyone’s pants.

I almost giggled in discomfit then looked at my watch.

10 seconds had passed.

I sighed at the irony of it all.

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