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Combating The Pollution Problem in Pakistan

At an International Environmental Conference in Germany, Pakistan was ranked as number 7 on the list of countries facing extreme pollution due to both climate change and urbanization. Not only is this alarming but it results in a highly unhealthy environment for all. Consequences of pollution range from mild health problems such as flu, cough, and asthma to severe diseases like cancer, emphysema, bronchitis and genetic mutations which lead to the birth of deformed newborns. Needless to say, Pakistan experiences severe land and air pollution which manifests itself in smog, infected water supplies etc.

The rising problem of pollution and global warming have long been regarded as hoaxes by many but now that the effects have started appearing, it cannot be denied that this problem is going to have a ghastly effect on the future generations of Pakistan giving rise to maladies that we, as a country, are unable to deal with in terms of modern medicine.

To combat this problem, however, the following steps should be taken into consideration while developing a strategy.

Make the installation of catalytic converters compulsory for all vehicles.

Catalytic converters filter out harmful acidic oxides, carbon monoxide and excessive carbon dioxide in the engine which leads to global warming and acidic rain. This will lessen the percentage of harmful pollutants in the air, leading to a reduction in smog.

The citizens should take part and take charge of their own environment.

A committee should be appointed in all residential colonies that oversee regular cleaning campaigns in the colony.

Employment opportunities can be increased by appointing sweepers to maintain cleanliness of roads.

Not only is this a great opportunity for those looking for an honest day’s wage but will also promote cleanliness in society.

Recycling should be encouraged in the education and office sector since these use the most paper which contributes to pollution.

Students should be taught crafts through recycling used paper; giving them an opportunity to engage in skillful work and facilitate creativity.

Awareness campaigns should be launched throughout the constituency by local people with good oratory skills as these are more likely to motivate people.

There should be an incentive by the government to facilitate those who take part in these campaigns.

All colonies should have proper trash disposal system.

This can be achieved by establishing a public sector with representatives throughout the constituency dedicated to planning and implementing strategies to combat pollution.

A special industrial area to be marked for installation of factories, safe away from residential areas.

Maximum trees should be planted in this region to cancel out the pollution caused by waste disposal.

All factories should use electrostatic precipitators in chimneys.

These remove flue-ash emitted, cleaning the discharged air to be free of any pollutants.

Any industries observed to be breaking these laws should be fined heavily.

Use of lead-containing pesticides should be banned. These pesticides flow into water bodies, infecting water used in rural areas or absorb into the crop. When these are consumed by people, it leads to the development of severe diseases.

Raise your voice against this environmental issue and make sure your solutions are heard far and wide by the new government – for yourselves and a better, brighter future.

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