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Common Stress Relievers: Easy Ways To Instantly Declutter Your Mind!

Helpful ways that go beyond just 'drinking plenty of water'.

Tired of feeling low and having a messy thought-pattern with no one to blame? Having a stressful workday (or life) and can’t concentrate on anything but the screeching of your mind? We’ve got you covered with these ten, scientifically-proven tips that will instantly help relax your mind and increase those productivity levels! The best thing about these methods require little to no money and you can achieve better concentration and mindfulness from items already present around say. Say goodbye to feeling constantly stressed with college or work and welcome these little distractions which will reset your mind!

Spoiler: These ten ways require nothing more than your attention. We solemnly swear we won’t tell you to ‘hydrate’ yourself after every sentence.

Take a nap

Interestingly enough, our favorite activity lines right up with a clearer thought process! Neuroscientists have emphasized on the importance of sleep, going as far as to say that the brain works like a ‘dishwasher’ during sleep, sweeping away harmful, waste products that accumulate in the brain while we’re awake. You go, brain!

Make to-do lists

Such an underrated solution to decluttering the brain yet so simple! They not only help us digest information in a systematic manner but also reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks. Break down every task until you have a small portion to do in actuality and cross out each task after performing it. The crossed out tasks will make you feel productive and motivated.

Go for a run

If you’re one of those people who would choose this solution over everything else, I salute you on behalf of us, ordinary mortals. You, sir/madam, have not only been productive but also boosted the growth of neurons in your hippocampus through vigorous exercise, thus, working to instantly declutter your brain.

Music and dance

Hear me out, all you skeptics! Cliché, but perhaps the best way to refocus your energy is through music and dance. Psychologists have discovered that listening to music is like an exercise but for the brain which makes it function more efficiently. Dancing maximizes brain efficiency since it engages the cerebellum to the fullest by intertwining cognition with muscle memory and movement.

Treat Yourself

As someone who greatly believes in the power of food, an ideal solution would be to indulge in your favorite snack or drink or if you’re calorie conscious (kudos, proud of you) go for fruits. Eating your favorite food can improve your mood which will increase your concentration level and motivate you to deal with the rest of the day.


Here’s the fun part, if you don’t enjoy talking about your feelings with your friends then say no more, talk to yourself! I’m pretty sure most of you already do so and if you haven’t done this quite yet, try it out! Talking to yourself is a great motivator and keeps you safe from oversharing and the anxiety of starting an actual conversation with another person (oh, the horror!) Hearing your own voice give you a pep talk is extremely beneficial as this works better than written commands or the like.

Most importantly, constantly find new ways to clear your mind and engage in them as often as possible. Do what works best for you and optimize your performance through these eight helpful tricks! These methods might not work for you but will at least help you understand what your brain likes to do when it’s under constant pressure.

Do your nervous system a favor and take a moment to step back and figure out what will actually help you overcome the constant stress!


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