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Dankpuna at LUMS: Shit Hit The Fan Ladies!

Masculinity is toxic, tragic and the most sensitive thing that a person can imagine. Not in an ‘aww, how cute, let us help way’, not any more sisters, but in a ‘GOD THIS SHIT IS FUCKING SICK WAY.’

Masculinity is weak. It is ironically the most feeble and rotten thing that the society has thrown at us, men and women alike. Gender affects all. But, this is not about gender. It is not about whether men forget that they have sisters and brothers, it is about a question of who gets to live, who gets to be safe, who is allowed to be, who is joke-worthy, and who becomes the joke. It is about who calls the shots, and who gets to wear their pants, not in a colloquial powerful, fun and sometimes sexist way this time, but quite literally.

Rape is not funny. Gender roles are not funny. Memes are supposed to be funny. Revenge porn is not funny. Rape jokes are not sick, they are disastrous and only show how damaged and broken we really are from our inside.

Can’t believe your eyes and ears? Here’s the Dankpuna at LUMS:

SRC: Facebook
SRC: Facebook

Sidenotes: RAPE IS A PROBLEM OF UNFAIR POWER PLAY, NOT SEX! And honey if you don’t got any consent, you a freaky sick minded rapist! People who may say that it is because of clothing, sexual liberation or some form of modernism should: a. check date and time on your phone and make sure it’s not medieval and then b. get some perspective!

See what are the people saying:

You’re spending something like 6-7 Mil a year on educating yourself, where is all of that going? Are you for real, IS THE LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION DOING NOTHING TO YOU? And if that doesn’t do anything then where is your common decency? and that’s very very stringently saying, one thing is fo’ shiz, money don’t buy class, money certainly does not freaking buy humanity or human decency. 600+ sick Men, wow, that’s something considering LUMS likes to call it a small campus that selects the best candidates from thousands of them. Way to go bloody god-damned patriarchy!

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