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Did You Just Poison Yourself With Powder?

No we are not talking about the addictive powders people take to see colors, not for this time atleast, also, who are we to scandalize drugs. We are talking about a poison that you have been giving to yourself, and to your kids, and to your family, as well as your family, friends, parlor waalis, waxing aunties have been giving you (TMI: Mine specifically asks for ‘cat eye powder’). We are talking about talc.

Talcum Powder is poisonous, it is cancerogenic, it is toxic, it is dangerous, it is CANCEROUS, it is LETHAL. No, not one brand of body powders are just toxic, not just some kinds of talcum powders, ALL KINDS OF BODY POWDERS ARE LETHAL.

They are and they will kill you, but, before they do so, they will destroy your lung functions, destroy your sensory system, make you go allergic to every sensation presented by the changing of seasons and the spread of pollen, they will make you sensitive, and vulnerable, and you won’t even know about it.

Moreover, they give you cancer, not the Twitter this shit gives me cancer – cancer, very very real and please forgive me if I ever hurt you type cancer.

Via Cancer.org
Via Cancer.org

It includes but is not limited to baby powder that is made for baby’s butts and bodies, it includes prickly heat powder that your mother was obsessed with putting on your body since your childhood, Do you remember the ‘Ammi Murree Kab Jaein ge ad?’, yes that too, it includes Detol Talc that promises to kill extra bacteria and germs on the human body, it includes beauty powders that smell like roses and it includes Yardley if you were thinking that imported items don’t kill.

VIA wordpress

Umm, bottom line: if it is not safe for babies, it is not safe for you, well okay, babies are more sensitive, but this rule generally keeps you safer like you deserve to be than what you would do if you didn’t keep it in mind. Stay safe and stay woke ya’all!

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