Nobody Knows The Truth About The Provinces In Pakistan – But, You Should

Are there 4, as our school times (at least my school time, I am 23), are there 5 like some of us remember distinctively, more? Less? What? We as a nation don’t look into these things consciously, this is the kind of thing that people know on fingertips, and well, we thought we did too, so now, this is something. Let’s learn some, Shall we?

State Emblem of Pakistan Via Wikipedia
State Emblem of Pakistan Via Wikipedia

What is the Correct Number of Provinces of Pakistan Anyway?

Go on, ask yourself, ask your parents, friends, class fellows, you’ll get very colorful answers. Is it because of our own negligence as students? Lack of awareness of teachers? Our regional textbook boards? The British Council? Anyway, let’s get to that in a minute, here is the truth:

Pakistan has 4 administrative units AKA provinces. This means that Balochistan Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh are the 4 provinces of the nation as of now, officially. Then Pakistan contains 2 autonomous territories, I.e Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir, meaning these have their own Chief Ministers and one of these, ie. Kashmir has a little more than that, it has its own separate legislative assembly as well. And lastly, Pakistan has one capital territory known as ICT ie. Islamabad Capital Territory, which does not fall into any province, it is the state capital city and includes nearby towns, villages and smaller cities around Islamabad. Unlike other provinces, this does not get its own government, it is run and administered by the federal government itself.

Each province and territory is then subdivided into divisions, which are further subdivided into districts, which are then further subdivided into tehsils, or taluka, which are thereafter subdivided into various smaller union councils. Unless your family has a history of dealing in property, have an inheritance in far-off lands or are very very learned, you do not know this, and yes, you are not alone.

Via Wikipedia
Via Wikipedia
Gilgit Baltistan, A land shown as Indian Territory on the world map:

Has its own cm, semi-provincial state. It is claimed as Indian because it was formerly known as FANA ie. Federally Administered Northern Areas, hence the colloquial term Nothern Areas. It is too close-knit with Kashmir, and for India, while the authority here is of the Federal Government of Pakistan’s, they like to show it off as theirs.

Do Provinces Divide People?

The notion of sectarian violence, provincial wars, unfair resource division, representation in media, access to water, infrastructural differences and language problems, all make the subject of provinces very very controversial. Could it be one of the reasons why awareness is so less and the subject is really underexplored? Well, clearly.

Another Bangladesh In The Making?

Bangladesh was separated from us, because of a lack of representation, language, and resource problem. Also, political reasons. But, now is all of the issues are surfacing for other provinces, and that is why this subject has become such a taboo.

But, does the discomfort of the political rulers justify the neglect of such a quintessentially national subject.

While surfing I also found this interesting, see how many can you answer?

Via Google
Via Google

What happened to FATA?

The Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan was a semi-autonomous region like Gilgit and Kashmir still are today. It consisted of the 7 tribal agencies and 6 frontier regions, It has existed from 1947 until last year when it was merged with neighboring province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Via Wikipedia
Via Wikipedia

Did you learn at least 3 things today? See we are making you smarter and wiser, aren’t we? Just because our teachers don’t know or share anything beyond textbooks does not mean that we stay like that, we must try and be better every day, come, let’s help you achieve just that and a lot more. Try to learn about things that are being continuously pushed under the rug, because the alternative is unconsciousness and that ain’t pretty nw is it?

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