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Do The Challenges of Life Really Bring Out The Best in Us?

All this author feels is a deep bitterness.

It may seem like the challenges are meant to contribute to our personal growth but the fact remains; aren’t challenges unnecessary and often very hard to cope with, often exhausting us to the point where we feel as if we are on the brink of sanity.

We all define challenges differently; the youth may relate a challenge to adversity, some may think that a tough competition is a challenge, or academic goals, or even problems at home can constitute a difficulty. We are continuously taught that challenges are designed to bring out the best in us, to add another dimension to our bland personality, to shape our paradigms and to make us strut out of our comfort zone without breaking a sweat. Many people, however, disagree.

One advantage of facing difficulties in life is that they provide both experience and exposure to people, giving them a clear insight on dealing with problems, enables the mind to relate a new difficulty with an old one to find a solution and also helps us form some sort of immunity to these problems.

Another significant advantage of facing a challenge is that hardships enable people to maintain some semblance of equanimity and strengthens us to keep up a somewhat stoic facade, helping us hide our emotions which may come in handy during many a difficult time. Challenges allegedly initiate qualities like patience, calmness, quick wit, a sense of responsibility, flexibility, and decisiveness. These qualities afford us some much-needed exposure, ridding us of unreal ideals that we looked up to as a naive child.

But is it all worth it?

The constant exposure to challenges has a significant negative aspect; a person who fails once may never again gather the courage to try and might swear to never try their hand at anything again. The probability of distress in the face of an adversity runs high and might lead us to lose heart forever.

A deep discontent and even, fear may develop when we fail to achieve the standards we set for ourselves when facing a challenge, this is doubled when we fail to rise to the expectations of other people. You might lose self-confidence, determination and the willpower necessary to face life, in general. While adults might think that these challenges and failures will shape you up, in their own sage way, it’s interesting to note how this fable is set up in order to make us compliant in the face of failure, normalizing fear, dread and basically telling us to adopt an optimistic approach while dealing with a truly pessimistic life. If this isn’t irony, this author doesn’t know what is.

While it can be argued that challenges give us layers of depths and set us up to be optimistic in the face of hardship, let’s stop letting other people use this myth to set up unnecessary obstacles in our lives, fooling us with promises of personal growth.

Make life easy for yourself and others! It’s time we start questioning these old, unnecessary adages.

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