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Does smoking help people make acquaintances?

A new perspective to smoking

Smoking reduces life expectancy by an average of 10-13 years. Every child knows that smoking is harmful, and yet the number of smokers is not decreasing. Why is that? Nicotine – a drug, providing psych stimulant effects. Therefore, after smoking cigarettes for a short time there is a feeling tide forces, mild euphoria. After a short period, the effect of nicotine ends, the mood falls and a person is reaching for the new dose.

On average, there are enough 7 seconds after inhaling tobacco smoke for the nicotine to reach the brain. The half-life of nicotine (the period for which the half of the received dose of nicotine is withdrawn from the body) is about two hours. Tobacco smoke contains radioactive polonium-210, nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, methane, argon – more than 4,000 compounds, many of which are carcinogenic.

But it is not just about nicotine. The cigarette also performs a social function. So, people who are insecure and shy, are smoking because it helps them to get courage (psychoactive effects of nicotine). Also, the smoker takes a puff to avoid an awkward pause. Smoking helps to make contact, for example, there is a reason to go to the smoking room, where among other subjects they discuss the latest news. Or you can ask for a light to start a conversation. Impulsive people smoke more often – this is partly due to their general outlook on life, “if I feel good now, the future is a problem I’ll save for later.”

In addition, it is one of the few socially ‘approved’ methods that help you blend in with a crowd.

But despite such type of an abundance of effective things about the tobacco cigarettes, tobacco smoking is really harmful. Should you have trouble with communications, it is much better to generate a financial purchase inside information of a psychologist than just every day to choose cigarette smoking. As they say, it’s much less expensive, more secure plus more competent.

Shockingly, a great number of those that smoke, regardless of the alternative of plentiful and effective information about the risks of smoking cigarettes, is persuaded that this speaks about the risks of cigarette smoking are a maximum of simply horror story. The sad thing is, awareness of the genuine circumstance with these tobacco users very often transpires when there is a proper diagnosis of most cancers or person is paralyzed as a result of heart stroke or cardiac arrest comes about, and then the time clock is simply not turned off.

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