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Does Your Black Sugar Cancer Concoction Count As Water Intake?

According to the frequently asked questions on the Coca-cola website, Coke is Water. And since water is healthy, deductive logic can have you believe that Coke is Healthy. Would it be normal for a human body to switch to Coke from water? And is as little as 1/3rd Litre of coke (less than a regular bottle) okay to drink?

To research some, I thought I’d look around for some answers. Of Course, Google is our best friend and here is what we have found, give a close, critical and long look to this:

Via Coca-Cola Co. UK
Via Coca-Cola Co. UK

Let’s give this a fair read. Such a cool Public Relations spectacle. First, they post a question that you are most likely to know the answer to, then they answer it in the most twisted way, damn corporations! Then they juxtapose the existence of the reduced sugar, low calorie, and healthier options, without addressing the dilemma, which relates to the Original Coke more than the other caffeinated drinks because, well, ain’t no carbonated drink like Coke, isn’t it?

Do caffeinated drinks like Coca‑Cola count towards my recommended daily water intake?
Yes. Sparkling soft drinks, including reduced and no sugar, no calorie options, contain between 85% and 99% water, which means they can help quench thirst and count towards your recommended daily fluid intake.

You only like Coke because it pours money in Marketing and PR!

Here’s another example that goes on to prove that corporations like Coke will waste no chance to perform a PR spectacle. This should amuse you:
Via Coca-Cola Co. UK 2
Via Coca-Cola Co. UK 2

What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke?

This is something have to know, just in case you do not know, we have linked and dropped it below for you:
Via The Telegraph
Via The Telegraph

Water is life. Do you know how to calculate your requirement, Life advice: you do not know it. And NO, it is NOT 2 Litres a day. Romee Strijid the YouTube favorite Victoria Secret model aims for drinking 1 Gallon of water a day. That is like 3.7 in Litres. That is a lot for her mass, but, the woman has her goals, what can we say. Those models they drink their water and water is life.

We are pro body positivity, and skinny meat is not our style, but health is always welcomed. While Diet Coke is a myth, it is a simple repackaging of the same good old Coke, that is less sweet and uses a greater content of artificial sugar, which can be more life and heart-health threatening than regular white sugar (which is toxic itself).
Coke is not water. Coke is toxic. Stop Drinking Cancer water. To quote another example from pop culture, Kourtney Kardashian (the better of the lot), takes no sugar, no gluten, no parabens, no added salt, and all naturals. That is what being a social media savvy health freak looks like. But, it is time we scratch the surface to find out what is being covered up by the lamination of corporations. So if the big media guns are rejecting red lipstick and taking the makeup matters to the Capitol Hill then let’s take notes. And reject the consumption of lead through our naturally soft beautiful lips and know better. Similarly, let’s cut our sugar intake and live happier and clutter or rut-free lives.

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