Don’t Rain Down on My Parade – How to Not Be A Twit

I see folks raining down on some poor colleague’s parade and I promise I will whack you with my no-nonsense umbrella. It’s a special brand of umbrella that reassures the person distraught with your tactless weather patterns that it really isn’t their fault, and you shall definitely lose all of that thunder you carry so proudly.

For those of you who have completely missed my not-so ingenious puns – who are we kidding, anyway – raining on one’s parade in this context anyway, is ruining plans or the mood, usually one of excitement. Unfortunately, this happens far too often for my liking, and it’s time I call out such unnecessary and problematic behavior because when you proudly pop someone’s bubble, you’re hurting them too.

Let me paint an adequate scenario for you:

Your friend comes up, excited, with their feet barely touching the ground. They could be pumped about anything from the release of a new season of Game of Thrones – who isn’t? – To their favorite snack being served in the cafeteria, or say, winning an award. You, the snob, goes on to inform them with your superior intellect about how the books are so much better, and that producers aren’t following the books which would’ve led to a masterpiece – because a global following for the show is a myth – or the number of people who’ve fallen ill after eating the same food according to your “inside sources” that lurk in the dark corners of the cafeteria kitchen, or that you’ve won that award a couple hundred times, and it’s for kids anyways.

There is where you can see the letters M-E-A-N-I-E appear over your head or even your forehead, (I’m not picky about body parts, it just appears, okay?) At the same time, you can see the aforementioned friend deflate like a sad little balloon at a birthday party that will never happen, because guess what?

The meanie popped all the balloons and smashed the cake. You are the meanie. Congratulations, here’s an award for being the asshole.

Acknowledge the fact that people get excited over different things, things you may not appreciate yourself, or those which hold no value to you, may mean the world to somebody else. Is it not nice at all, to bring someone down from cloud nine simply for your need to assert yourself as the dominant force, or because, you’re an asshole. The first step would be to admit who you are.

The second step is to bring the fury of the heavens down on any urge to blurt anything that may hurt the other person’s feelings. Oh, is that news for you? Well, people do have feelings, and when you open your mouth to say something incredibly insensitive and put a damper on their mood or plans, things take a turn for the worse. In a society where mental illnesses like anxiety disorders and depression, one good moment, one ray of sunshine could change some folks’ entire day. Similarly, a few words of unwanted and unneeded criticism can have a person suffering from either of these disorders questioning their every move; individuals may even feel as if they have to put a lid on their expressiveness.

So, be careful what you have to say, and if you’ve got nothing nice coming out of your mouth, either keep it shut, or walk away; piece of cake.

Let people find their happiness wherever they can, even if it sounds completely insane to you. As long as it isn’t harming you, or them, you don’t necessarily have to put your two cents in.

Besides, I find it extremely adorable when people share their joy with me. I love listening to people who stutter and stammer through a conversation, tripping over their own words but express them beautifully. People who talk fast because they are passionate about something are the best kind of people. Encourage people – especially men, because we’re through with that toxic masculinity – to express themselves in the best way they can. It would honestly mean the world to them.

While you work on your skills, enjoy a cover by Glee that literally says what I just told you

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