Don’t Want To Scandalize Drugs But, Here’s The Only Problem With Smoking Hash:

After many many years of a great likeness for Hash, H, Charas, Churs, Whatever the f you wanna call it, I finally have something sane to say about it. Read up and tell me you couldn’t agree more because same!

Every girl, boy, kid, uncle, or person you know is into it, it is nothing to be discreet about anymore, red eyes and tired voice doesn’t bother people anymore, and we are all ready to overlook the negative implications of the sweet kush of the local hash any day, any time!

Here’s why people love it:

  1. It is too easy. This means you have a dealer probably 2 connections away, if not a pure dealer then hustler and that means you are going to get it easily, or at least, get it at all! It is easy to carry, easy to consume, easy to hide. This makes it a popular choice in younger people (God have mercy, My baby cousins and their friends talk about it like its CocaCola).
  2. Your company and you don’t have to really communicate. People may smoke it up and dance it off, trip it out or just sit down and chill, or ahem do other stuff, It requires limited socializing and major relaxing.
  3. It is too cheap. You can get yourself a pack for as low as getting a Big Mac, unless you want to smoke up your whole Big Mac in a day or have shameless friends, you will find it lasts long and is really really super cheap, in my head good cigarettes (NO CIGARETTES ARE GOOD), but come on, the good ones are more expensive than scoring hash.

But, I Hate just as much.

  1. The foes of an unregulated black market. What can you get for so cheap man? Just imagine all the gunk they put in like crushed sleeping pills, cough syrup reduction and things that make it stickier and more loopier, things that are basically not approved or clean.
  2. It makes you think you are having a great time, whereas in reality you are messed up, lost, in loops, thinking the weirdest and sometimes very very damaging things, BECAUSE IT IS A NEGATIVE VIBE DRUG.
  3. Dark music goes good with it. And that just fucks you up even more, until you realize its too late. Then you are just a stupid little paranoid, sick of everything negative little punk.

So, yeah, not to scandalize it, but kids doing it without seeing what it really is, and older people having it for the sake of having it, stop fucking yourselves. Either do better or not at all! Ciao!

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