Election campaigns OR momentary relief camps?

It is time for elections again. We all have a pretty good estimate about which party will win in which sector, the pattern never seems to change, it has persisted for a long time and still is. It seems like specific parties have a rule over the specific areas like they have divided the state amongst them. Everyone appears to compete for the sector but everyone knows who will be the ultimate caretaker of it.


Yet, the woeful situation of the sectors does not change. People vote for those nominees whom they have trust in to turn things around, right? (beep) WRONG! Most of the times it is the rigging in action, usually where people cannot be bought by food and money, and in other places, it is actually buying people.

Rigging is a whole other issue altogether, that is to be dealt with by legal authorities and all. We as citizens cannot possibly do anything against it, except for protesting, which, to be honest, I think we have done enough. Anyhow what we should really question is what the incentive is for the people being bought in falling for the same men over and over again, while knowing that they are not going to do anything for their betterment in any way.

Alas, the answer is there, and it makes plenty of sense. You see, mostly the people who are bought belong to lower middle or the lower class of society, who are, unfortunately still, majority of the country’s grand population.


Those are the people who do not get a three-time meal for their family. Who cannot provide their kin with basic necessities, like food, shelter and clothe? The so-called Awami leaders, promise them to provide with these necessities. They play with the people’s helplessness and the poor people are succumbed to the 3-4 day relief, a week with the knowledge that their kin has not gone to bed with an empty stomach, an imaginary, out-of-world life for a few days, during which they don’t have to worry about the arrangement of the next meal, and the incalculable pleasure they would see on the face of their children when they buy them the cheap toy car, he had a wish for since last year and such little happiness we take for granted.

They have a lot of incentives, you see? And the politicians know how to play the game. They have become professionals now.

They like it, enjoy it, take pleasure from the suffering of people.

This needs to stop. It would not unless these incentives don’t remain incentives. In case you have missed, these are the basic rights of every human being. No wonder why the people fall for them over and over and over again. It is what is necessary for their survival, to forget about the sufferings for even a day is a relief they would die for. A smile on their child’s face is worth everything for them.

Those people cannot evaluate and choose a nominee with long-term benefit because they need relief NOW. If something can change in this country, it has to come from the middle class or upper, because we don’t suffer as they do. We have enough to fulfill our basic necessities. We cannot blame them for being hungry for momentary happiness, but we can donate and build opportunities for them to make them independent and save them from the clutches of the monstrous politicians, who only know how to build their empires by crushing the dreams of poor.

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