Eman Suleman’s Public Boycott of Lux Style Awards 2019

The season in Pakistan is changing. As the world becomes outspoken, loud and clear on their opinions, Pakistani youth follow suit. This time, it is our favorite diva setting the mood for change, radical awareness, and a clear cut undebatable NO!

Eman Suleman has made headlines time and again, first for the Kayseria-Gate episode, then calling out the industry saying ‘I am a model, not a prostitute.’ And now for her guts to call out the screwed plots that the patriarchal industry weaves together.

Nobody in their sane mind can stand for sexual harassment, sounds fair enough right? But, in the turn of the Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case’ events, things sounded very different from the Kayseria’s CEO who became a headliner for saying he supports the idea of sexual harassment and was caught on camera and highlighted by Eman herself, creating a national scene.

She now says it is not a moment for joy to share a stage or an accolade with an alleged harasser i.e Ali Zafar. And that is a big statement. Kudos for the spirit Eman!

Consent is a blur domain anywhere in the world. In a world where underwear of a teenager can be used to prove consent, anything vile and nonsense can happen. But, in the heart of desi and painful absurdities, we have a floating water lily rising to exhibit the power of femininity and female emancipation.

‘ I feel no joy, give the nomination to someone who feels happy about it.’ Watch the woman preach. ❤??

And the public is loving her dedication to the cause in a world full of dirt-bags, lose morals and commercial culprits who do everything for the dough to roll their way.

The funny thing is what is a brand by Unilever doing supporting alleged harassers, in a world where Kevin Spacey’s harassment scandal resulted in the cancellation of the show, conversation of removal of the show from Netflix and serious bashing in the digital realms, here in Pakistan the multinational brand sponsored award show stands silent. Why? Because nobody is talking about, well, other than a few Comrades.

And then we have Eman, a woman who is woke af, she has an answer for everything, she won’t take body shaming for a comment or joke, she is loud and explicit and an epitome of the aesthetic of this generation who knows better.  This rejection is the power of the woman of today, who is bold, enlightened, fearless and gutsy. No means no and if you still don’t understand what consent is don’t mind the internet warfare and critical explanation from the likes of one. No capitalist innuendos curtail her spirits or shake her core.

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