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“Excise Department Has Refused To Register Our Car”, Says Pakistani Man Who Made His Own Car From Scratch

We recently heard the amazing and inspiring story of a Pakistani popcorn seller and aviation enthusiast who against all odds gained recognition from the Pakistan Air Force. However, there is a similar story of determination and resilience from four years ago that is worth a listen once again.

Mirza Abdul Majeed, a 54 year old Pakistani man who is a welder by profession made headlines nationwide after he fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning his very own car. Why is that interesting? well, because he made it all from scratch by himself!

The amalgamation of four years of back breaking hard work with superior attention to detail, a whopping 600,000 rupees expenditure on this project and a beautiful dream of owning his own car amidst poverty, Abdul Majeed’s home made car was successfully test drove his creation to everyone’s surprise.


However, this story takes an unfortunate and disappointing turn when only recently, the home made car was not registered by our excise department. As per a report by ProPakistani, Abdul Majeed’s son who was by his side during the entire procedure told a local newspaper, “The excise department has refused to register our car. They say there is no law that allows registration of a car that someone has made on their own.”

This is surely disappointing news as the duo spent a lot of time, effort and money to make the car as safe and detailed as could be. Ibadul Islam, who is a mechanical engineering student put in a lot of effort to help his father’s dream turn to reality. 

The two created the home made car from scratch in their workshop in Rawalpindi and both father and son have expressed that they are extremely disappointed that the authorities refuse to give their efforts any recognition.

Living in the Dhok Chiragh Din area in Rawalpindi the welder turned inventor stated that was unsure whether his dream would ever actually be fulfilled.

We were not sure if we would succeed in making our dream a reality, but we had faith that our hard work would bear fruit one way or another.

He also further described the entire process of building and assembling the car together and said it was not an easy feat. However, his prior experience as a welder did lend a hand in the process as the father son duo began work close to his own welding such as the car doors, roof and bumpers at his own welding station back home.

We bought other parts off the shelf. Like the engine, we procured it from an auto plant.

The internet, it seems, was a powerful ally for Majeed and sons whenever they hit a bump in the road. He also calculated an approximate 9,000 hours spent on his project.  The car is also not an ordinary one, with a capacity for seating 5 people, it also has front and back cameras plus a stainless steel body. 


Abdul Majeed stated that it was his plea to the government to help and appreciate such efforts by ordinary citizens who seek to do something different instead of limiting and curbing their efforts.

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