Fair Skin Tone = Fair Treatment – How Unfair!

Some of the most beautiful and enticing faces have been born in Pakistan, yet all the critics, when it comes to beauty, share a common ground on fairness being the top constituent in measuring someone’s beauty quotient.

In a society where most people have dark skin tone, people, considering the alternative as acceptable is problematic. Many girls get rejected for marriage proposal, not because they are not intellectually qualified, or of the “optimum height”, or have the “lovely figure”, but just because they are dark skinned.

Whenever I go to a salon, I am instantly offered various whitening products, even though I have gone for hair dressing. When I go for an interview, a girl with fairer tone will get noticeable preference over me, even though she might not be as able as me for the job.

This is the story of almost every dusty-skinned in this society.

We still haven’t managed to get freedom from the Britishers, we are still under their influence and captivity, even though they left apparently 76 years ago. We still keep the notion that they are superior to us, in every aspect, and we are their slaves. The more we resemble with them, the more privileged we get and more qualified we are to do anything and everything.

Darker skin tone has become more of a disease to us, which ought to be treated as soon as possible, or will get chronic and will prevail in our future generations, and we will remain under privileged for the eternity, unless some benevolent fair skinned knight in a shiny armor comes to our aid, and release some of our generation from being affected by the disease and if we stay persistent to the new discourse, we may succeed in eradicating the disease for good.

This absurd mentality has to change. We must accept who we are and acknowledge the innate beauty we possess. We should create our own standards rather than copying the standards of the foreigners, applying them on us, and getting in more complexes than we already are. We really don’t want that.

This sickness is to be given proper attention and treatment, so no one of us is ever rejected on the basis of being dark skinned, and no one ever look down upon someone for being so.

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